20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

There is no question that I love bookstores and libraries, there is something about the smell of paper and what type of books you can discover in the store. Sometimes I spend hours in bookstores roaming about and picking up a few books and reading them for a bit, and walk around in all the different sections. Books can’t be replaced by E-Readers, and there is something that I love about books, a feeling of having a book, the smell of paper, and enjoying reading it, the difference between a hard copy and soft copy. From the smallest to the biggest, these are 20 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.

Link: FlavorWire

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  1. omg this is just fab … i’d kill to be in one of these :D

    & yes god bless u, books will never be replaced by ebooks!

  2. @swera – Me too! These are amazing places! I wish we had a gigantic bookstore in Kuwait!

  3. Amazing! I would kill to have something like this open in Kuwait, that’s the biggest thing I miss about living abroad, the big bookstores.

  4. Bookstores are so awesome! Add a great cafe and make it aesthetically gorgeous and I’ll practically move in!

  5. I’m afraid that if i enter one of those I’d die right on spot. this is just breath taking It is totally into my bucket-list. You didn’t mention the places btw? I’d like to know

  6. Seeing all these great bookstores makes our situation worst, for us Kuwaitis. We had only one bookstore and it’s closing soon!

    I would also add Dubai’s KINOKUNIYA

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  8. Waaw i didn’t know there are libraries like this O.o

  9. @Mishaymish – I would have to agree! I wish there was a place with bookstores such as these!

    @elwehbi – Wouldn’t we all!

    @Esperanza Writes – Each place is listed in the link right under my description!

    @Aka BoAli – I would have to agree with you!

    @brownsuger – Neither did I!

  10. That’s simply Book P0rn! My Sister #4 would die to live in one of those bookshelves seriously just a bookshelf is enough for her! And well I would too!


  11. @Jacqui – I know! Some of these places are just over the top! Beautiful!

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