DropSnap – Must Have App For Android

DropSnap Instantaneously Syncs All Your Android Device’s Photos to Dropbox. I am the type of person who is constantly snapping pictures with his phone but then I have to choose which pictures go to Dropbox and manually select them all and upload them. It was a very tedious process, but luckily someone thought the same thing and did something about it. The only way I could think of uploading my pics to my PC without connecting my phone to it was through DropBox and someone had the same idea but created a software to do what I was doing manually.

The moment you snap a picture it is saved to a photodirectory directory in your Android phone which DropSnap syncs automatically to a folder inside of DropBox. You have several options about how many times a day you can sync, if you want it only over Wifi or also over 3G, but I stuck to wifi because I’m usually connected to wifi where ever I am. DropSnap is a free download, but requires a $3.99 in-app purchase for automatic uploading to work. If you stay with the free version, you’ll get a notification every time you take a picture, which will let you enter the app and manually sync your photos.

Link: DropSnap

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  1. Perfect but still you will face the limitation with Dropbox.

    During the last weekend i have installed my personal cloud storage will post about it soon inshalla

  2. @Frankom – Fantastic! Looking forward to reading about it! I have the 50GB Package from Dropbox and I’m only at 27% and I use it a lot, so for me it works perfectly!

  3. Blizmo

    Google+ does this too. Syncs videos too. and you can choose when to upload photos and videos separately (WiFi or 3G, While Charging or not, Roaming or Not).

  4. Yusef

    Dropbox has a beta android app you can download from the forums that also automatically syncs photos from your phone. As an added bonus, you also get free storage space added on as a thank you for beta testing. I don’t remember details, but I think it is 250 MB added for the first photo, and 250 MB added for certian amounts of additional uploads.

  5. @Blizmo – It does but not everything, not pictures you download, and it doesn’t go somewhere where you can just have the file and edit. Thats why I prefer the DropBox method!

    @Yusef -I got the beta for my computer but didn’t get it for my Android, not sure where that would be!

  6. @Yusef – Thanks yousef! Downloading now!

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