ISP & Internet Connectivity Kuwait 2012

Over the last year there has been a dramatic change with the telecommunication companies and luckily in Kuwait we have companies changing and increasing their services. I have had extensive experience with several companies over the past 18 months, some have been very good, some have been bad, and some disastrous. These are my rankings based on my experience, data usage, and customer service. I have left out pricing since all the wired companies are offering the same price and the rest can be found out easily. This isn’t a comparison based on price but based on experience and service level. I broke down the categories into two, one is based totally on speed and connectivity, and the other is based on interaction with the sales and customer support.

Data Connectivity

  • Fasttelco
  • Qualitynet
  • Kems
  • GulfNet

Customer Service

  • Fasttelco
  • QualityNet
  • Kems/GulfNet

Comments: Fasttelco has improved vastly over the last few years and what I like is that they keep trying to improve their customer service and improving themselves technically. QualityNet has gotten complacent since they got to the top, its like they are full and don’t feel like giving good customer service. Kems is pretty bad in my opinion because they still somewhat constrict usage from what I can see, and they insulted customers directly last year, complete slander and that is the worst for a company. GulfNet is still at the bottom of the barrel I don’t know how anyone can sign up with them, zero customer service and they blatantly lie about their services. Prices have been unified and connection speed is based on government services and not the ISPs, they can only work with what they have so really its based on consistent speed and customer service.

Data Connectiivty

  • WIMD
  • MADA

Customer Service

  • WIMD
  • MADA

Comments: WIMD is brand new company but overall my experience has been very good with them even though its only been a few weeks. I hope they continue to maintain their services and speeds as they currently are, right now I am very happy with them. Right now their install schedule seems to be very slow since they were overwhelmed with requests from people but I think if you are patient with them you will be happy you installed their services. MADA was a great service when it initially started and they are genuinely trying to maintain their services, and for 20KD a month its relatively cheap for 10 MB but in reality you are getting a range from 2MB to 7MB these days. They got too many subscribers and their main towers are too sensitive in regards to your location, you have to be next to the window to get full signal and 2KM from the tower to get any speed, and any modification on their part can affect your speed drastically. Overall I think they are very good and hope that they improve their services.

Data Connectivity

  • Viva
  • Zain
  • Wataniya

Customer Service

  • Zain/Wataniya
  • Viva

Comments: There has always been a scuffle going on between the three mobile providers in Kuwait, they are always in competition which is good for us. Over the last two years there has been some drastic changes in regards to services in the data field. When it comes to Voice Wataniya would be ranked by far at the top, then its Zain, and if you can get in more then 20 seconds into a phone call with Viva I would be surprised. When it comes to Data Viva threw all their money at it and have one of the best data networks, with Zain and Wataniya trailing behind them. Wataniya and Zain need to upgrade their data networks to deploy something faster and better reaching, and I hope at some point they both remove their Data Caps but I can understand it. As for Viva they got a lot of people to sign contracts and join them up with the unlimited package only to enforce a data cap and change the contracts without notification which is illegal in my opinion, I’m surprised nobody sued them.

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  1. I have Mada and it was fantastic up until a month ago. The speeds have definitely decreased and their customer care reps aren’t the greatest out there; however, it’s still a great deal. I’m willing to stick it out with them for a while longer, but I don’t know how much more I will be able to handle of it.

  2. @elwehbi – I know what you mean! They need to get back on the horse, they need to make their customers happy, people loved it when they first launch. They are more like a competitor to the mobile providers. Their problem is consistency and distance.

  3. xmido

    I am still with mada because its affordable and the speed is acceptable for me. I might upgrade later in the future if I get connection issues. 3g connection viva is best? I might get a new connection with new android phone I am getting soon. peace :)

  4. esz

    Great post! Thanks for the info!!!

  5. @xmido – Its the best data but worst voice! So that’s the issue you face! But your right if Mada works then its a good price!

    @esz – Anytime!

  6. Amazing post I knew you would like WIMD.. I am still waiting for their call to come do the site survey it’s been more than 10 days so far :s

  7. boss

    Zain and Viva = Equal Performance with Viva Winning on the Promotion-Speed Side

    Believe me i`ve heard it alot Viva go Viva, i did a Speed Test and i can see the difference between the two is .2 MB or so My Test Router Was BandLuxe R300 test was done on 7.2 subscriptions

    My only complain with Zain is the Cap nothing else, Sometimes i Hit 800 KB/sec with 7.2 Subscription normally its around 500`s

    But lets look at Viva now they did a Free Upgrade to 21.6 Mbps for 7.2 users and i think the Cap is still the same but at least they are Improving on that Side, LTE 42 Mbps is Covered on Salwa and Samliya Only, on Zain No LTE yet :/ they arent that Bad But they cant Keep Up with Viva :1

  8. Salman

    i just hate the internet in here, i am a pro gamer and my life is gaming, iam currently spending like 300 kd per year for fasttelco and 24 kd per month for viva, just to keep the ping in gaming up, and trust me, it’s always down, wish if there is a good internet provider than is specialize for gaming.
    as for the download speed, i am more than satisfied with fasttelco because i get max download speed and i apreciate that which is least we can get for the money we’re paying

  9. mohammad

    Mada have torrent speed cap 200+300

    since first of mar 2012

  10. weirdo

    k i started with zain, they have bad internet and horrible customer service concerning internet. then went to qnet, @ 1st they said 8 mb was 390, well they lied on that when the guy shows up in front of ur door step u pay 470 for 8mb now the 1st 3 months there internet was amazing… after that they give u like 0.45 mb loled, and no help what so ever and dnt seem 2 answer the phone. now lastly viva was quite good 4 the 1st 2 weeks after that which im in 4th week now its rubbish, costumer service is perfect though. conclusion, what i will do from now on and advice all of u never take a yearly pack, always stay with 3 month payment contracts, they give u gd net in start hopping tht ull go yearly i advice u only go 3 month contract, it cost more but ull have no net probs and if u game yea ull have fun.

  11. Mowafak Gabal

    Watch out from a company selling wireless internet under the name “Mada Communications”, they are a scam, they sell you the equipment with a promise to receive up to 10 mbps and when you don’t receive it, they don’t give you a refund claiming that you signed that No Refund if the speed is above 2 mbps.

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