Lacking In Skill


One of the things that I always wanted to learn is how to edit videos and put something decent together. I always admire quality video work and I always wonder how they did together and the team that put it together and the equipment. Sometimes I come to the realization that I should just try it, I planned so much and even thought about buying Final Cut Pro, I was really really wrong! I got a lot of equipment that I use for photography and I use a lot of it, and recently I had the courage to try to put together a video together from all the footage I had. I use my Canon 7D for all my video footage and Go Pros or Flips for tight spaces, I have a storyboard or image in mind, I can even describe how I want it to together but I do not have the technical skills to do it, I wanted to rectify that and gain those skills. Since this time around I thought to myself that I had no expectations and I had the right tools in mind to try it out easy with iMovie. I spent the first two hours trying to figure things out and then another out trying to figure out how to transition, I was going nuts, it was taking too long to do something my head thought it was too easy.

Bloggers That Have Made Amazing Videos:

I really need to take a few lessons from these guys! I respected the work they did and now I respect them even more, I have managed to make some headway but I’m going to take it easy and figure this out. It is very time consuming but the end result will be worth it once I get it all together and get the perfect clip. Hopefully I will keep learning and getting better footage and better ideas together. Right now I’m going to stick to the simpler editor before going to something more complex.

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  1. Duuuude … we got ur back 😉 we will make tge best video in no time all u need is some tips and tricks ✌

  2. @7ajidude – Tislam! Some tweaking and some work and I will get there for sure! But its gonna take a lot of time for sure!

  3. like i said, lets sit down and work on a small clip. Always start small… and as 7ajidude said once u get the tips and tricks it will become easier ;)

  4. @id – I was about to punch through my machine the other day! Next day I figured out the trick in 10 mins instead of the 2 hours! looool!

  5. What about Lujaintalks she has some cool videos made by me :P LOL!

  6. Thank you bro.
    I am available anytime for help 24/7 hrs :p
    One more thing, were is the video I haven’t seen it yet :p

  7. This is something I’ve struggled with as well. I’m currently working on a short film (less than 10 mins). Just as an experiment. Good luck on your journey. So far from what I’ve tested. Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premier are awesome softwares for video editing.

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