One Huge Swing

I think we have all had our fare share of large swings, but this one tops em all. Tying a rope across this ridge and swing through looks like an insane amount of fun, I keep wondering if anyone would hit the other side but everyone seems to make it through fine. I love how it was shot, the music fits perfectly, their might be other swings out there but this one is especially heart-stopping because it’s right up against the canyon. I have absolutely no idea how everyone isn’t in a hospital bed, but the Go-Pro footage makes me want to get out there and try it myself.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’m freakishly ‘fraid of heights … but after watching this video, this is something I’m willing to try

  2. @Bloggy – I know it really feels like something worth doing!

  3. such an adrenaline rush! i wish i have the guts to do it but i have a feeling ill be the one be in a hospital bed probably dead

  4. The surrounding rocks don’t help :) Amazing video and looks like a great experience.

  5. @noon – I think you would be fine! haha

    @BuYousef – Yeah, I agree those rocks do make it risky looking! lol

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