Synology Updates it’s 5 Bay NAS Server to DiskStation DS-1512+

I got my hands on the Synology DS1511 about year back now and its been operating very solidly this whole time and I love it, and now they have come up with their next iteration which I would recommend since its based on the same machine but with upgraded features. Other then the 5-bays, this NAS device sports some very cool feature set:

  • USB 3.0
  • User-replaceable fans
  • Passive CPU cooling
  • 2.13 GHz, dual-core CPU
  • Up to 3GB of RAM
  • High speed network transfers with link aggregation
  • Support for emerging 4TB hard drives

The DS1512+ is the successor to the DS1511+ and is available starting today at a MSRP of $799.99. As with the DS1511+, the DS1512+ is scalable via two 5-bay DX510 expansion boxes for up to 15 drives and 60TB.

Link: Synology

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  1. i have one device from them and i love it. :)

  2. @Frankom – Me too! I have one and I want more! Seriously their products are fantastic, very intuitive and excellent User Interface!

  3. man, I should get one of those for my excessive download needs!

  4. @Kal – Its doing great for my download needs! Very very solid! Can’t go wrong!

  5. @Shalth – Freenas is very cool, but it also is about the hardware platform and for me the interface on Synology is fantastic!

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