Star Wars Vehicle Art

This artwork just spoke to my inner nerd, there isn’t enough Star Wars work out there and I can never get enough of it. Nicholas Hyde aka Harshness has taken the vehicles we have come to love from Star Wars and turned them into works of art. I would love to see the Millenium Falcon & AT-AT Walker pieces hanging on my wall. All of these are for sale on Etsy

Link: Etsy

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  1. Nur

    These are super! My favourites are the Millenium Falcon and the X-Wing Fighter.

    Reminds me to put out a RIP to Ralph McQuarrie (1929-2012), concept artist for the original Star Wars trilogy who passed away a day ago. You can check out his stuff online, it’s wonderful.

    Just found your blog today, will be visiting more often – great to find another Star Wars geek in Kuwait ;)

  2. @Nur – i agree with you! They are all just so cool and honestly you can buy them all no problem! My problem is that I wouldn’t have anywhere to hang them! And yes I’m a total Star Wars fan, check it out in my search and you will see a ton of posts! lol

    I saw McQuarrie concept art yesterday, seriously amazing, the original concept art was out of this world!

  3. The fighter…two thumbs way up

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