Trike Drifting

Full grown men riding customized trikes and drifting them around the road is something you would think a 6 year old would love, and I agree 100% . Watching this video Trike Drifting is insanely cool and looks ridiculously dangerous, there are some close moments but looking at them having fun makes me want to try it out. This video is from the guys who made the Largest Rope Swing, I hope they keep coming up with more cool stuff.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Looks like great fun ! I wonder if its hard to do.

  2. @YM965 – It looks like it requires a lot of balance to get it right! Thats why I think I would probably crash doing it! lol

  3. These guys have had some practice. Looks like fantastic fun.

  4. @BuYousef – A lot of practice from the looks of it!

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