Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection

Potter fans will go wild, Warner Brothers is releasing a 31 disc Blu-ray box set of the Harry Potter films! 31 insane discs! Your gonna have a Hogwarts overdose with this one, after watching all of these you will go through withdrawal.

The price is $350 for this insane set, it has all 8 movies and I don’t know what other crazy features it will have other then answering all your questions. For most people this set will not make any sense, I probably won’t get it even though it seems enticing because I already have a few movies and I just enjoy the movies don’t care about the extras really but still it looks like an impressive kit.

Link: Amazon

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  1. ali

    well apparently its not gonna be anything THAT special… its gonna be just the old ultimate editions for movie 1-6 (7/8 havent had ones yet) and only extended edition for movie 1/2 (the rest didnt get them yet) and normal packaging for the 7/8…
    so basically nothing new

  2. @ali – Yeah, thats kinda disappointing! They need to do right by the fans with this type of kit not just overcharging!

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