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I have been looking forward to getting my hands on the Lytro for a very long since its built on a new type of photography technology, basically allowing you to focus the picture after taking it. I had very high hopes for it be amazing, especially since its very oddly designed, not your regular camera, but I was waiting for some reviews to make a decision, and this is honestly the best and most thorough review I have seen by far. After watching the video and reading at article at the verge I don’t think I will be getting the current incarnation of the Lytro since it has a few drawbacks and limitations which can be overcome over time, so I’m gonna wait for a little while for next generation of this camera before making a purchase. Check the link below for the full article.

Link: TheVerge

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  1. Still requires more work on it does not feel like a finished product. I would probably buy the Lytro 2 and definitely by the 3rd one if they make it by then. One of my friends likes to be an early adopter (maybe he’s a hipster I don’t know) and like I said needs a lot more work. Most importantly, the goddamn look. FUGLY!

  2. @Salem – I agree with you and I enjoyed your honest opinion! Turned out to be a slightly bulkier then I expect still excellent technology!

  3. @Ian Thomas – That sucks! They need to develop it a little bit more after this version!

  4. The M Code

    LOL! “It’s unlike any digital camera we’ve seen before because of the technology inside.” He’s Sherlock Holmes’ apprentice.

  5. It absolutely looks awesome on paper but based on that review it didn’t really perform insanely awesome in real life. I have pushed hold on getting one (if only for the fact that I’m broke now :P) but it needs a bit of work and the “new iPad” will surely take all my time now! :P

  6. @Jacqui – Every 6 months an Apple product will take your time! hahaha! But true it does need some work but its awesome technology!

  7. Generation 2 for sure. Let online hip sharing tech catch up too by then.

  8. @BuYousef – So now we just have to wait for the development!

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