Riding With The Hooligans

This was probably one of the longer rides we have had in a while and the weather was just perfect, a lot of riders came out and this was probably the largest group of riders we have had together in a while, with an interesting mix of riders and machines.

We were out riding from 7 am and didn’t stop until 3:30 pm all over Kuwait in different routes, its been a while since I had to fill up twice in one ride but it was fun and we did have our shenanigans on our little adventure.

I honestly can’t get enough of the Diavel, it is such a fun machine to ride and amazing around the corners. No Sport Cruiser can compare to it, its on par with most sport bikes and you just can’t wipe that grin off your face when you are pushing it as much as you can. These days its getting a bit warm so I’m trying to ride as much as I can before the hot season comes in, sometimes I wish I could take my Diavel with me on the plane to Europe and ride around for a while from town to town.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I need a ride like that to release all the work stress, but am not a bike rider :(. if there is a car ride then am in. waking up at 7am sucks though :p

    glad u had fun

  2. It’s just that simple really.

    Nothing beats Ducati!!!!

  3. @elwehbi – They seem to be on the list of machines that people enjoy!

    @QABAQ | قبق – I know what you mean, it is the best thing to release stress! So thats what I recommend, you need to get a bike!

    @Poolsharp – Very true sir! Very true!

  4. Those big wheels really show what it wants to say… It’s MUSCLE all over.

    Great bike.

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