Synology Debuts First 8 Bay NAS Server, the DiskStation DS-1812+

Synology keep coming out with more and more lovely machines, they just unveiled their first ever 8 bay NAS server in the shape of the DiskStation DS1812+, a high-speed/high-capacity device targeting prosumers and SMBs. It can expand to a total of 18 Drives with the help of two DX510s, so with its current drives it can handle up to 32 TB without the expansion drives which is a ridiculous amount of space.

The new model is powered by a 2.13 GHz, dual-core processor and includes support for USB 3.0, high speed network transfers with link aggregation as well as support for emerging 4TB hard drives. RAM is expandable, up to 3GB.

According to Synology’s internal tests, transfer speeds average 202 MB/sec read and 194 MB/sec write speeds in a RAID 5 configuration. I still have the DS1511+ and still about 40% storage left but this looks very enticing, for some reason these days I’m attracted to desk type storage. There is a 12 bay version but I thought it was overkill and this one seemed more reasonable. I know others have mentioned the homebrew software which you can install for storage, I have used those before but honestly Synology does both the hardware and software so well that I don’t waste any of my time on it, it just work all the time with almost no issues at all. This one is price at $999 which isn’t bad at all but the current problem is that 4TB drives are priced at $300 which are a bit over the top so, it the drives which will eat up your wallet. But as a storage solution this is probably the best out there at the moment.

Link: Synology

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  1. Lazilae

    I have a question Marzouq, can these NAS servers replace my HTPC ? My routin is downloading torrents on my PC ( which is hocked to my HDTV thru HDMI) . I enjoy surfing and watching movies on my big screen.

    I always think That these servers are just for saving & backing up your Data and midea in a safe place.

  2. @Lazilae – This can’t work as a media player, its a storage device but what you can do is put this somewhere on your network (wired) and then connect the media player like a Boxee or WD TV Live or Roku device to the Synology and play it directly to the TV! That can work so you download to the storage device without any issues!

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