This is just ridiculous, I didn’t even think that an RC Car can go this was, Traxxas make some fun RC Cars but this one is above and beyond what they have come up with. This is RC Super Car is even faster then a Real-life supercar, and its expensive for a RC Car too price at $1’150 which is on the high side. It’s capable of 100 mph speeds and boasts a 0-60 time of just 2.3 seconds, thats insane. The X0-1 features an aerodynamic body, a big block brushless motor, an integrated speed, RPM, temperature, and voltage telemetry system that works with an iPhone or iPod touch mounted in the controller’s docking base to give you unheard of control over your mini-ride, and heavy-duty AWD drivetrain so you don’t burn the thing up in the first weekend. From the looks of the video below you really do need a race track to drive this car, if it hits the wall at the speed its capable of say good bye to $1’150.

Link: Traxxas

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  1. Someone in Kuwait has this car saw it a couple of days ago

    He told me the speed is 60+ and you need to register your driving license and some other information to unlock the speed to 100+


  2. A lot of RC cars can go 100+, the only reason this one is special cuz its already built and not in kit form. Guys in Kuwait have been hitting 100+ for a few years.

    Here is a guy doing 135mph (218km)

  3. @Frankom – Your kidding its a ridiculous car! I didn’t think you had to register anything for a RC Car! Just buy it and use it! But where would you drive it!

    @Mark – Thats just ridiculous, but seriously where could you drive things like that! Its just too freaking fast to have any fun with!

  4. hi I own a very successful rc competition car prep company in the UK called dc/rc motorsport we work on world champion rc drivers cars and famouse rc drivers cars like Ben cosgrove etc anyway I have a friend who works in the design department of traxxas and after I helped design the drive train for the x01 they were very impressed and so they are thinking of doing the first works competition car and have asked me to design and build the car on there behalf it is being built in the UK and will be reviled to the press and public in a few months and soon after it will do its first international race event in Leicester ,England on the 15th of January 2013

  5. omg!!! I’m a huge rc modelsport fan and I go to all the events and I can’t wait to see the first works traxxas x01 in action and that’s so cool that you designed the drive train for the x01 your like my hero dude you must be really smart to think of those ideas iv heard about your company you guys have built some really amazing cars for the worlds best rc drivers I heard lewis Hamilton’s brother is on of your customers is that true !!!

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