Amazon – Facelift

It seems that Amazon got a face light to their whole front end, and I like the update. It feels like and easy, makes me want to hit the buy it now button more then before. Now its clear the number of items in my checkout cart, this isn’t helping my credit card. Keeping my credit card at a zero balance is an uphill battle every month, and Amazon is no help.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mohammad

    You should consider customs strike before ordering, the waiting can be frustrating :/

  2. When was the last time u visted amazon?? This new look has been there since September or October of last year I think.

  3. LOL I had that since late last year but oh well :P Maybe they just don’t like you that much :P

  4. @Mohammad – I know! Thats one of the things that is stopping me!!!!

    @Mark – So it seems! They are doing a selective roll out! Very annoying!

    @Jacqui – It seems since I’m buying less they are annoyed with me! hahaha! Still!

  5. I just got it last night too, it looks cool, neat, and fast!

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