Great Mazinger 1969

I think everyone knows how Mazinger is, well at least the kids from the 80s do but he has crossed many generations and I think we are especially familiar with him in Kuwait. Now that I managed to get my hands on a Fewture Great Mazinger 1969 Model, I was very excited, for those who don’t know Fewture makes THE coolest models, and they are almost all metal and are very high quality. I have this model for sometime but I wanted to place him in the perfect spot, somewhere I would see every day and enjoy it.

It took me about 30 minutes to unbox, clean, and put him together while taking the photographs and I think in my head I was waiting for him to come alive and to become a real gigantic robot, I still have a notion that one day I will be piloting a super robot. From my previous posts I have the Senshiro Jumaro Model and Ghost In The Shell – Tachikoma which is still one of my favorites.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I thought you already had this one :)

  2. That’s the power of old school! and yup Fewture is one of the coolest models manufacturer around!

  3. @Kal – In my opinion, I think they are the best by far! Nothing tops them! I wish I have all their models but I don’t have the budget for it! lol

  4. @Jacqui – You have yours I have mine! lol

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