Surprised From A Smile

In Kuwait you tend to deal with a lot of strange people, especially when you interact with them in the Government Complex. Its like you are in a Mexican Standoff or between a bunch of Hyenas which are ready to pounce on you the moment you give them your back. Still I try to keep an open mind and assume the person in front of me isn’t evil and maybe even human.

When interacting with woman in Kuwait that I don’t know I try to be a slightly formal and not offensive, because I never know how they may react and usually it moves along fine. A few times over the past few months I get surprised by people who smile at me that I wasn’t expecting, like when I stop a car to let them cross they smile and wave, and I think “Thank you for being courteous”, I always stop for people crossing, men almost always thank, but a lot of women ignore you and think its shameful to interact with a man in anyway so I’m sometimes surprised when a woman thanks me or when she smiles I’m totally shocked.

I do understand that our youth are somewhat idiots and view a smile as an invitation to bother women, so sometimes I honestly can’t blame them because they don’t want to be harassed by young men who have no manners, so when they smile I am very pleasantly surprised and it does make people’s day. I always appreciate when men thank me for even the simplest thing, being cordial doesn’t seem to be at the top of people’s list these days. So seeing a woman smile at me for a very simple act really surprised me recently, I just got used to women having blank or angry faces in Kuwait when out in public and I am not out very much, so its refreshing to see people smiling.

(I think the Akita Dog above always looks like it’s smiling)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I feel the same most of the times, I tend to stop the car for people to cross the street, keep the door opened behind me while entering a place, make sure to say sorry if i bump into someone by mistake. And its true, me as a woman living in this culture, smiling can hint to alot of things, however i dont follow this rule.

    Whats funny is that sometimes i stop the car for a woman to cross the street and she doesnt even look or wave or whatever, now thats rude! am not gonna ask for her phone number if she does!

  2. @Moody – Yeah, thats it exactly! Its just simply being courteous to another human being! And ur right, so many woman cross the street and act like you are not even there! Lol

  3. well said man! I totally agree that I don’t blame women for giving me a blank face just to avoid the idiots we do have…!

  4. @Kal – Yeah, its very sad that we are in this state!

  5. i always avoid women

    -never hold a door after me.
    -go to the other isle and comeback to grab an item in the coop not to walk next to a woman.
    -never make eye contact.
    -ignore who speaks to me.
    -always asks for a male Dr.

  6. Couldn’t have been articulated better… well done!

    Courtesy is a virtue, than many a time requires as little as just a nod/smile. It makes my day when a person takes the time to acknowledge a good deed, like giving way for other cars during traffic hours, letting people cross the road, holding the door/lift for the person who follows…

    Just saying Thank You makes such a difference. It’s enough incentive to encourage the person to do more…

    I always thought it was just general rudeness when women never acknowledge. Only now does it make sense to me :). The retard behavior cited by the other commenters is true and tragic. thank you for pointing this out….

  7. I just remembered an incident that happened the other day at Sultan Center Jabreya. I was getting into the elevator where a woman with a cart was standing at the door before me, when the elevator arrived, another man with a cart went in and obviously made it impossible for her to go in too! Now how rude is that? not only she was there before him, he barged in like nothing happened.

    Something else i would like to say is THANK YOU for being a gentelman and treating others in a nice way, we dont find that often :)

  8. “I do understand that our youth are somewhat idiots”

    Best thing I read today :)

  9. @vampire – Looool! Been in a lot of those situations! But for their benefit, we have a lot of excellent female doctors!

    @KG – Its just one those things that you notice, and your right acknowledgement for a good deed goes a long way, I just hope things change for the better!

    @Moody – You are right, that is very rude! WTH was the guy thinking! And thank you for your kind words, and I just consider it to be normal to be nice to the average person!

    @Don Veto – Loooool! Happy you liked that!

  10. Dude, smiling; being courteous; well-mannered; thankful and so much more are dying arts they were popular while we were growing up but nowadays I see them less and less.

    I always feel happier when a person smiles with a white heart at you and not evily or wanting something from you.

    Bs yalla you take it as it goes hehe :P

  11. Dave

    Well written, and agree its rare these days when people you dont know actually act nice and smile in normal everyday situations. But when they do makes you feel alittle better about society and other people. :)

  12. @Jacqui – Very true, it is a dying art, but hold on to it because there will always be hope! If don’t be courteous who the hell will!

  13. Our office is in Dar Al Awadi and I always hold the lift or the door open if a lady is present. Some of them are kind enough to smile and say thanks… the others just keep fiddling with their BBs or iphones and ignore me completely. I do it either way coz its the decent thing to do :)

  14. I love ministries. They are so efficient. The staff are so courteous. The staff are so knowledgeable. Ministerial procedures are so easy to follow. If you go to a ministry, you will never feel let down. Obviously, you should know by now that I am being extremely sarcastic. Otherwise, you could be part of the “youth” which Marzouq mentioned in the post.

  15. @Dave – Its just one of those things, it should be normal to smile not act all cazy!

    @Mathai – Yeah, its one of those weird things, you don’t know how to act or what to do! Just carry on! lol

    @elwehbi – I wanted you to continue honestly! Ur sarcasm was refreshing! Looool

  16. And all this time I thought those few who smiled at me fancied me… You destroyed a dream that I rarely enjoyed :)

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