Headcase – Motorcycle Helmet Carrying Case

Headcase is a innovative type of carrying case for crash helmets, New technology and manufacturing methods have enabled us to produce a case from a new design concept that is light weight, strong, durable, and stylish.

I tend to take my helmet a lot of different places and especially when traveling to and from the track, one thing people seem to forget or don’t know is that once your helmet takes a fall off a table or a bad bump its useless because the structure has been damage, even if its a light bump. They are meant to take crashes at over 200 mph/ 300 kmh and make sure that your head doesn’t explode, so I take it very seriously to make sure that the helmet has its structure integrity intact at all times. One of the ways to do that is using a good helmet case when your traveling and in this case I think I have found the best one by far.


  • Hard Textile Case
  • Spring Internal System Holds The Helmet In Place
  • Relatively Cheap Price
  • Fit All My Helmets: Sheoi, Arai, Scoprion, Carberg
  • Easy To Carry and Great for Traveling On Planes

Link: Headcase Europe
Price: $50

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  1. essa k alessa

    love it , and its a must which site u recommend mate

  2. @essa k alessa – I would buy it directly from them! The black one is fantastic!

  3. Nice way to keep your lid safe while traveling :)

  4. Very cool… at first I thought it looked a bit small, but then when I saw the helmet placed in it, I was surprised!

  5. loved it!!! thanks for sharing…

  6. @Mathai – Yup!

    @elwehbi – Its very deceiving! lol :P

    @Amu – Anytime!

  7. sub-80

    Man! just put it in a black plastic bag don’t waste your money. :P

  8. I like it. If your going to own a $300 to $600 helmet, spend the extra $50 to protect it. Very cool.

  9. @Leathergeek – Exactly! This small amount can save your helmet!

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