The Animated Shows Are Back

All these shows were on hiatus since December, I don’t know why it takes so long for animated shows to come back after their breaks. It took them long enough, they are all back into play and really getting interesting, Young Justice as usual is into the third episode with a great storyline from DC Comics, Thundercats and Green Lantern just started this week and I’m looking forward to watching them.

  • Young Justice
  • Thundercats
  • Green Lantern The Animated Series

I’m also following Star Wars The Clone Wars, honestly its the animation is really good and the story is great, its into Season 4, if you like Star Wars then you will love this show.

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  1. I gotta watch more of the American anime man! I’m already following Thundercats and must add Young Justice and Star Wars too!

  2. Its time to shout Thundercats Ho again! lol!

    I thought Young Justice was like Teen Titans so I ignored it completely but it looks like I might enjoy it :D

  3. @Kal – Yeah Starwars is pretty dark and gritty, thats why I like it!

    @Jacqui – ME too!

    @Mathai – You should, its nothing like Teen Titans, more like The Justice League!

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