The Days Are Still Cool

These days its getting a bit warmer but still there is a lot of riding left, I’m trying to get in as much as I can at this point. This past weekend we rode about 350 Km around town, from Bida’a to Doha to Subhan and back to Bida’a for something to drink. It was an intense ride since we wanted to ride as much as possible during that amazingly cool morning, and the dust lifted from the night before.

This time around we were a bit more organized with the riding since we had plan, and a few different routes which made things interesting. The 1st ring road has turned into one amazing corner, at least the new part is, its the perfect curve, I hope they don’t install a camera there any time soon. Recently I have modified both the Diavel and 1098 so that my license plate is somewhat hidden.

After a nice long ride we had a nice cool drink, we thirsty as hell and I didn’t let anyone stop for a drink the whole day since I wanted to enjoy the ride as much as we could. There are a few surprises in the pictures below since we had a lovely machine join us in the previous ride I had to put the pictures up.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the last shot is nice

    enjoy the remaining of the cool mornings

  2. @vampire – Thanks! We r enjoying what ever is left! Its getting hot in the afternoons!

  3. The riding season is almost over ha :P Summer is here so allah e3eeen el heat! :P And DUST!

  4. @Jacqui – The heat I don’t mind! Its the dust that kills me!

  5. @Q8Stig – Thats the plan! But its getting hotter!

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