In & Out Of London

London is one of those places I really enjoy going to, there is always something to do, and this time around I didn’t have enough time at all to do what I want. The weather couldn’t be any better, very cold and sunny the whole time I was there, four days is just not enough to have fun in London and I always want to stay there longer when I get there.

My Usual Simple To Do List:

  • Waterstones Bookstore
  • Phoenix Palace Off Baker Street (Chinese Food)
  • Harrods Pizzeria
  • Movie @ Apollos
  • Movie @ Vue Cinemas West End
  • Bike Store To Check Out Some Gear
  • Harrods
  • Walk In Regent Park
  • Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet is one of my favorite stops in London and I tend to spend hours there roaming about. I literally can’t help but stay there for hours, they have a fantastic comic book and science fiction section in the basement which you can really get lost in. As usual at the end of my trip I ended up eating at the Caviar House, it really hits the spot and for about a decade it was always my last bite to eat while in the airport. For some reason I like taking my time at the airport, gives me time to check out the books in WHSmith.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I almost barfed looking at the last pic

  2. @Kuwait – Lol! So u don’t like seafood! Noted!

  3. You went to two of my favorit places in London, the Waterstones bookstore and Forbidden Planet Mega store. Hope you had fun there and bought many many books and comics :)

  4. @Q8ymaverick – U r very correct sir! And it was damn good food too!

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