Hardware Upgrade Coming Soon

Its been a while since I have upgraded or messed around with any of my desktops. I have two which are running pretty good, they do the multitasking job that I need and I can open up about 100 tabs without even causing a hiccup. But the other two are in dire need of upgrades, one of them has ceased to function and it houses my iTunes which is making things very annoying to update playlists. Apple has some very screwed up ways of managing iTunes which makes me really hate them.

I have been thinking about getting a Windows Laptop for a while now and the one that I have been eyeing is the Asus ZenBook but I just heard that they are going for major hardware upgrade this summer so I’m going to wait on that.

Also one of the reasons I want to upgrade my hardware is the release of Diablo III in May, I want a machine that can handle the abuse so I will be building that soon, once I have searched the depths of New Egg for the hardware I have in mind.

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  1. bob

    why bother. ill sell you mine i recently had built

    maximus iv rog motherboard
    2x4GB gskill ddr3 ram
    i7 2600k 3.4ghz
    1gb ati radeon 6950 (also have a 6870 i think it is for a hackintosh setup)
    corsair water cooler
    1000watt cpu
    liteon blu ray drive
    thermaltake case with a side window

    you can run windows and mac os x on this setup as well.


  2. bob

    also forget to mention
    2x 2tb caviar green hard drives
    samsung 23 or 24 inch led monitor

  3. aziz

    Not selling mine, but just so you can drool:

    Intel i7 X990 3.47Ghz 6 cores, 2 threads each – total of 12 CPUs and overclocked to 4.2Ghz
    24GB Mushkin RAM
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 590
    1x 256 SSD
    2x 128 SSD
    1x 2TB HDD
    and my lovely 2x 24″ Samsung monitors

    Bought this last june, you can go even further now.

  4. @bob -Thanks for the heads up and list of equipment but I have some parts that I cannibalized I don’t want to buy a ready made machine, I want to build mine!

    @aziz – Damn! I hate you! looool! Mashalla amazing machine! Just a question what are you using it for? Dual or Single Screen? Gaming by any chance?

  5. Looking sexy but then again I was talking about the iPad and not the other stuff :P

  6. That’s strange! iTunes never caused me any issues nor it slows my system down!!!! ………… Oh wait! … You are using Windows :-p

    Feel sorry for ya :-)

  7. aziz

    Marzouq, yes dual 24″ Samsung monitors and I’m gaming too. CoD, Crysis and even World of Warcraft in raids with a gazillion objects and the maximum video settings are all working smoothly.

    I don’t really need the 24GB RAM but even DDR3 is relatively cheap and looking at the number when it boots up satisfies my inner beast!

  8. Banzin

    MX518!!! i still use that mouse since 2006!

  9. meshal

    wait for ivy bridge its going to be released this month (4-29). grab one(i7-3770k overclock it 4500-5000mhz) with z77 board and 16gb memory (memory is very cheap the more is better for more tabs/apps) plus ssd hdd like samsung 830 ssd (ssd will make difference yes).

  10. i’v been thinking of getting an SSD as well to put on it window’s !

    my current system is :

    i5 2500K
    Asus Maximus IV P67
    8GB G.Skill Ripjaw 1600Mhz
    500GB + 500GB + 320GB Hard Drive’s Blue blue Black WD :P
    GTX 480 Asus
    NZXT Phantom Red
    750 PSU

    thinking of getting an SSD to make this system even sexier

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