Nonstop TV Shows – The April List

These days I am seriously watching a lot of shows, but there are a lot of good ones to enjoy. This is the list, and it doesn’t even include the animated shows or the anime that I am watching. Surprisingly there are a lot of good comedies this season.

Currently Watching

  • Game Of Thrones – At The Top Of the List
  • Blue Bloods – Just Keeps getting better
  • Alcatraz – I know it stopped but gonna finish it
  • The Good Wife – Just keeps getting more interesting
  • Fringe – Need to Catch Up On This
  • The Walking Dead – Hell Of A Show
  • The Borgias – Its Back & More Evil Italian Schemes
  • Touch – Getting Interesting
  • Breakout Kings – Got A Lot More Intense this Season, really good
  • Grimm – Loving This Show
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Love it! The action is nonstop!

Storage – Letting these shows pile up to watch one shot

  • Supernatural – Just love this show
  • Sons Of Anarchy – Biker Drama Show That Keeps Getting Better

The Comedy List – Had to Make One of Its Own

  • Community – I love it, I hope it keeps going
  • 30 Rock – Still Funny, I never get tired of Alec Baldwin
  • Mike & Molly – Cool Show
  • Two & Half Men – Loving This Season
  • 2 Broke Girls – Very Funny
  • New Girl – Loving This Show
  • Suburgatory – Pretty funny
  • GCB – Desperate Housewives but much much funnier with a Texas Touch
  • How I Met Your Mother – Just Keeps Going
  • Up All Night – I watch it when I have nothing else to watch

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. loved the list! I gotta watch more of TV, but with all the anime shows I’m watching right now, I really doubt it.. >.<;

  2. M.AlNajjar

    Nice TV shows,

    My Currently list:
    – Missing.
    – Alcatraz.
    – Game Of Thrones.
    – Grimm.
    – Lost Girl.
    – Once Upon A Time.
    – Person of interest.
    – Revenge.
    – Ringer.
    – Scandal.
    – Spartacus (The best / Just Finished the 3rd season)
    – suburgatory.
    – Survivor.
    – The finder.
    – The river.
    – Hart of Dixie.
    – The Client List.

    Thanx for sharing ur list, hope you would like mine.

  3. My Favorites:

    Game of Thrones
    The Borgias
    Mad Men
    How I met your mother (is getting a little boring)
    Modern Family

    If only there was time or more, I had to weed out a bunch.

  4. I love you because you described GCB:

    “GCB – Desperate Housewives but much much funnier with a Texas Touch”

    the same way I describe it to my friends hehe and it’s really awesome! Check out new comedies:

    Happy Endings (When Will & Grace meets Friends)
    Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23
    Raising Hope
    House of Lies

    And I think that’s it for now.

  5. @Kal -I know what you mean! I’m trying to balance the two and barely have enough time to do it!

    @M.AlNajjar – Very nice list indeed! Very common tastes! hehehe!

    @YM965 – I know what you mean, some have to be weeded out because of the lack of time and How I Met Your Mother is getting a bit boring or a bit on the repetitive side, they are still funny though.

    @Jacqui – Yeah GCB is pretty awesome! Got DTBI23 on the radar and downloading happy endings but not enough time really! So many more shows! lol

  6. Nora

    GCB’s really good, just sucks that they stopped airing it. On the other hand, Melissa & Joey is a good show filler.

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