Diablo 3 – The Barbarian

The nerd in me just couldn’t resist, I already preordered Diablo III off of my Battle.Net account and downloaded the Diablo III Client so it will download as soon as it is available on May 15. One of the things that I am currently doing is research on the type of character that I plan on choosing, and right now at the top of the list is The Barbarian and at a very close second is the Monk. Diablo III’s beastly new Barbarian looks like a winner, capable of wielding two full-sized weapons and rage-filled mass demon kills when his Fury meter is fully-charged. I seriously can’t wait to get this game.

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  1. I Was waiting for it since 2007 when I first knew diablo2 ( I know the game was made on 1990 approximately ) but but but this huge jump really worth it

  2. The Beta version is up now Marzoug !

  3. Mazen

    I just tried the beta last weekend, its amazing! They kept it true to the original. just download it from battle.net to try it out. You only have till Monday.

  4. @iMaGiNaTiOn – Exactly! A very huge jump and very much worth it!

    @Khali – I know! Didn’t have enough time to get to it!

    @Mazen – I can’t wait to get it! 15/5 can’t come soon enough! I didn’t have a chance to get to the beta version!

  5. Chris

    Barbarian was always my favorite! Been waiting for almost 10 years.. 5/15 come fast!!!!!

  6. @Chris – I know EXACTLY what you mean! Its been a long wait!

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