WIMD – A Little While Later

After a few months of use I have had a good experience with WIMD overall, it hasn’t gone south like a lot of people were worried about. But they are taking steps to make sure their service remains top notch. I hope they stick to the no capping rule, I have been downloading consistently and getting speeds from 1.4 to 2.1 MB depending on what I am download, shows that took 50 mins now download in less then 4 to 7 mins. Gaming has gotten a lot better as well, I am playing multiplayer without any issues at all, I just did a huge XBox update within mins, before I would wait for over an hour to finish the update.

Recently they are adding people very slowly, I think it is good for their current customers. I know it can be frustrating for new customers but they are taking it slowly and not over subscribing people. The current wait time is between 1 to 2 months and I honestly can’t blame them, they are being patient adding customers so they don’t flood themselves. What I liked also is that when I spoke to their customer service center they do admit their is a problem instead of telling you to reset your modem multiple times before they tell you the truth which has happened with a few ISPs before. They say there is a problem and it will take a day to fix since it is new to them, they aren’t a full ISP, they are like a learning ISP and their honesty is refreshing. Overall I am very happy with their service and recommend it to people. Keep in mind that if you have high speed connectivity through a land based or fiber connection that is always preferable but if you are like me with a crappy land connection then WIMD is an excellent option, the only limitation is the matter of LOS which line of sight to their tower. I think recently they have been charging people to do a sight survey in people’s homes but I don’t think that is right, I think they should offer it without it but those are in need would pay for it, but I’m not sure what the cost of the sight service is.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I have purchased the 10 MB plan and i’m only receiving 6-7 max. They have sent people to my house about 5 times and still nothing was resolved. It turns out that i’m not the only person with this problem.

  2. Hi there Marzouq. Thanks a lot for the follow up review, we’re happy to see your overall experience with us has been positive! If we may, we’d like to clear up a few things though for yourself and your readers:
    1. The site survey is the first and most important step in our installation process. Every installation requires a site survey to determine what kind of speeds can be reached or if a signal can be found altogether. Our policy is that we receive payment from the customer prior to the site survey and installation; if the desired speed cannot be achieved then we give the customer the choice of cancelling with a full refund or reducing to the next best thing and getting part of their money back. We do not charge separately for site surveys.

    2. There have been some valid complaints with people not getting stable speeds all the time. We have taken the necessary steps to resolve these issues—but we have also found that over 80% of complaints are in fact not considered problems as far as our service goes. We could simply advertise our wireless broadband with an ‘up to’ line to clear ourselves of any accountability. However, we would much rather address this concern as we believe it is extremely important for the audience to understand rather than think they are being misled.

    Let’s say you are subscribed to a 10Mbps link, you would be guaranteed that capacity from our international bandwidth pool. We always ensure that we have the capacity to provide our customer base with the bandwidth to operate at the standard we had set and we are constantly expanding to be able to accommodate more users.

    The difference lies in our understanding of what that 10Mbps link means. A customer under that subscription will get their 10Mbps pipe, but the internet falls under many factors that will affect individual downloads from utilizing the full capacity of that pipe all the time.

    We need to think of bandwidth as the width of a highway and your transfer rate as cars on that highway.

    Though we cannot guarantee a “car” to get from the beginning of the “highway” to the end at a consistent and high speed—because of the many factors affecting traffic on the internet—we strive to offer a constant width of that highway. This enables the end user to simultaneously send more “cars” down that “highway” to attain a collective high speed or their subscribed bandwidth.

    Under normal conditions, your subscribed speed/bandwidth can be reached through using multiple sessions. We always ask our customers to test their bandwidth using multiple session methods such as torrents; a method like speedtest is often inaccurate. Using the previous analogy, we believe speedtest demonstrates the speed of one car on the highway at one given point in time, whereas the seeding process with torrents accurately demonstrates the real capacity.
    We also need to keep in mind that we own only part of the highway, not all of it. The other parts are owned by other people who do other things with it.

    We would like to humbly reassure our customers they are in very good hands. Our team is highly experienced with years of working in the field and any growth will always be carefully measured. All ISPs have problems from time to time, it’s the way the internet works; we’re just open about the issues we face. WiMD is a sub-ISP that resells bandwidth through a different and faster medium. There is only little we can do when our providers are facing difficulties of their own.
    We apologize for this long reply but we truly believe that this subject deserves a lot of attention! A big thanks goes to you Marzouq for this follow-up review and for providing us with the space to interact with the community. If anyone is facing any issues and is not satisfied with what they’ve heard from a WiMD representative then please do shoot us an email at [email protected] with details of your subscription and the problem your facing and we’d gladly look into it.

  3. I’ve been a WiMD customer for six weeks now, I have nothing but high praise this outfit. I’m currently subscribed to the 15Mpbs connection, and get a sustained download rate of 1.8MB/s. That’s 14.4Mbps, so it’s as advertised.

    At times, an ISP that WiMD subscribes bandwidth from, may face issues thus creating download rates issues at the subscribers end. Case in point: a situation exactly like that occurred about a week ago, they came right out and told everyone about it, no one was surprised. They quickly migrated some of the bandwidth through other routes, things looked good next day as promised.

    WYSIWYG is always a good policy, WiMD are upfront and deliver as promised, they refuse to add subscribers until they are able to allocate bandwidth to them. No one else in the region does that. They keep that highway clear for you.

    To sum up, I have never been so happy with my Internet connection as I am today with WiMD, I have recommended it to many and will continue to do so.

    Best bang for your buck in town.

  4. I dislike their method of setting up new subscribers you see I attempted to subscribe with them back in October and had a site survey done in which it was observed that I had no signal at all. At the time they were rolling out new towers and thought I would try them again later.

    I visited them in Infoconnect on Feb 2. and requested a site survey before I pay because if it didn’t work the first time I wasn’t ready to pay for something that MIGHT not work a second time. Unfortunately no one has contacted me as of yet. It’s been 2+ months.

    And when I contacted their Twitter people they were rude enough to say that unless I pay they will not schedule a site visit and now from what I hear the waiting period for their site surveys are 1-2 months? Khair ya 6air!

    That’s just plain bad business, not to mention I know of a few friends who had site visits without paying a fils but apparently I’m not too “important” enough for them.

    So I’m staying away for now.

    And to anyone from WIMD reading this comment I congratulate you on losing a potential customer :) I was ready to be a loyal happy customer from the first site visit but due to this treatment you can see how I am reluctant to subscribe.

  5. Abdulaziz

    @Jaquies – I don’t see how it’s bad business for them to expand their capacity before allowing new customers in. It’s better to have potential customers dying to get their service than customers complaining about it to everyone.

    You’re too harsh on them and were too harsh on Viva as well over past issues. I think you’re just upset when you don’t get special treatment.

  6. Sean

    Honestly appreciate their response to the post. I can understand how blog posts are taken as good PR, but you can really tell which ones are sugar coated and not.

    It can be frustrating when fine print like “up to” and in the recent past “fair usage” is not well communicated and the response here is very straight forward – the praise this ISP is receiving is well deserved from what I see.

    I’m on the lookout to renew an annual subscription in a couple of months and will definitely look up their offers.
    Great service (and i’m sure you guys know this already) is what will set you guys apart from the competition!

  7. Othman

    Hey I just wanted to ask which area do you live in Marzook because i thought about it but every other isp says that qurtubah cant handle speeds over 4 mbps because of the weak lines in my area. So I’m just checking before I apply for something useless xD

  8. Othman, WiMD is wireless so there is no need for telephone lines. All they need to do is com to your house and check wether you are in direct line of sight of one f their antennas, which are usually at the MOC buildings.

  9. @Abdulaziz, I am not too harsh on them nor VIVA requesting for special treatment. I am just requesting the basic treatment one requires. Would you pay for something that has a 90% chance of not working? Would you be patient for 2 months waiting for a call which was promised 2 months ago and a visit that has never happened?

    I doubt it.

    Viva’s issues are completely different in this case their issues are technical and not similar to WIMD. I was upset with VIVA due to their incompetent USB dongles which constantly restarted and never connected long enough, I was upset with their data cap which was applied to everyone, I was upset with their treatment of the customer once he was tied to a contract and the treatment became worse than ever before.

    I do not expect special treatment, I just expect equal treatment with all customers.

  10. It seems there are mixed opinions regarding WIMD here and their policy and I have to agree with Jacqui if there is a policy it should be applied across the board.

    But also I think they are doing a good job of keep their current clients happy and most of the time I am around the 20 MB speed but sometimes it drops and I know its not something within their control.

    Also the wait is a bit long but honestly I think its a good thing they aren’t overloading themselves with clients or all their current clients would be taking a hit.

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