On Impulse

Every once in a while I do this, I get something that has been on my to buy list as soon as its out even though I wanted to do abit more research. It seems this I will be doing a lot of testing with these two lovely products. Usually I think of Dubai Duty Free as a rip off that I can always get things cheaper online and I am better off getting it from Amazon. But when I saw the items in front of me I had to take a look of them, then I walked off and thought that I will get them later.

  • Canon G1X
  • HTC One X

After a little while of thinking I thought to check the prices in Amazon and in Dubai Duty Free just to make sure and this is the simple breakdown for the HTC One X its $645 on Amazon & $681 in Dubai Duty Free, for the Canon G1X its $799 on Amazon & $815 in Dubai Duty Free. I couldn’t believe, the difference was so small, I always thought the difference would be huge but I was surprised it was so little, at that point I had to do very little thinking and the one thing that was stopping me from making a purchase was no longer there. It seems everything I purchased had a an X in it, and I have to say that I am currently very happy but my credit card took a hit with this purchase. For now my appetite for electronics has been satisfied and I will be posting a review or a decent write up on both, the camera will be first of course, I was snapping pics with it since I got it.

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  1. I am IN LOVE with my One X. This phone is Unbelievable and performs anything you throw at it flawlessly. I am in Dubai at the moment working on the launch of 6alabat, (which we launched today by the way !! :) ) and am using this for everything. Whenever I’m out at Dubai mall or having dinner somewhere, just plug in my headphones and watch all my shows on this bad boy. Marzoug, IT PLAYS MKV !!!!! But you wouldn’t need to, since it looks stunning in regular format and the colors are very rich anyway.

    MKVs need certain processing I’ll discuss with you later if you need it, but for now just download .avi, or .mpeg and it’ll work just fine on this machine.

    Mabrook oo 3alaik bil 3afya. No comment on the camera you brought, since this One X is all i can relate to :)

  2. sabah

    Jealous on the One X!!!

  3. K"

    shawwagtni 3al One X :o.. my iphone4 is dying and im thinking of switching to android.. should i get the One X or wait for galaxy s3? any idea where can i get the One X in kuwait? thanks!

  4. @Khalid – It seems khalid that you are just as excited as I was when I first saw the One X and I can’t blame you! The only major drawback is that you can’t change the battery which can be slightly annoying in my case!

    @sabah – hehehe!

  5. @Marzoug,

    Absolutely, that battery finishes fast. Download a battery app to monitor your battery as well as put a little indicator on the top right that tells you your exact percentage. Ull also realize with this app that the beautiful screen drains the battery FAST. But as long as you don’t leave any apps on that utilize wifi or internet ur battery will last all day.

    Are you like me and waiting to see what the S3 is going to be like next week ? I really hope the HTC kicks its ass :P I’m hearing rumors of a 12 mega pixel camera and 2 Gigs of RAM.

    In terms of design, if they stick to their original philosphy and last week’s leaked video is anything to go by, its same S*&t different samsung…Boring

  6. Chris

    I couldn’t resist the One X too.. I got mine last week.. I need a recommendation though, I can’t seem to find a good protective case for One X, any one?

    @Marzouq – yep, that’s true. I planned on waiting for the S3 until I got a huge cut on the price of One X.. I just bought it without thinking lol .. The battery life kind of sucks or maybe I over use not sure.. either way, I hope Power Skin comes out with something for One X..

  7. @Chris

    I’m waiting for Otterbox, I think they will be releasing one pretty soon.

    In regards to the S3, we’ll wait ’till next week :)

  8. @Khalid – I can’t imagine what they are going to come up with! The one thing Samsung did very well is not to touch the original Android OS too much which is very smart. I haven’t test the One X out yet but I think its still a bit annoying that the battery doesn’t last!

    @Chris – Yeah seee! Its just hard to resist this piece of hardware even with it’s drawbacks! Still worth trying it out!

    @Khalid – The Otterbox is just too much for me! Its like turning it into a block!

  9. Chris

    Yea Otterbox is just to fat lol.. I hope some good ones come out from both!

    Yep, the hardware is a beast, no doubt about that.. it’s just the damn battery life lol.. I love it, been using my desire HD for a while now (more like since its initial release lol) ..

  10. @ Marzoug @Chris

    True Guys, I love the sleek look of the HTC with it’s Beats badging in Red and the machined holes back and front.

    Plus the Gorrila Glass display is super tough. My iPhone was too plain jane for me so the Otterbox made it look and feel sturdy, same with my BB.

    There are some cases on eBay I just don’t know how good they are.

  11. K"

    Thanks for the reply marzouq!

  12. @Chris – It seems the battery life is an issue in every freaking phone which drives me nuts! Still it does look pretty good

    @Khalid – There are some very cool cases, but honestly iPhone has the best cases I have seen, too bad we don’t have that for HTC or Samsung phones!

    @K” – Anytime!

  13. Chris

    haha true..

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know, I dropped my phone twice the past week :/ I did not want to take any more chances lol .. I got the Ballistic SG for One X.. It doesn’t make the phone a lot bulkier, in fact it feels really great in hand! grip is amazing and protection is what I was primarily looking for..


    I could not get a pic of my One X in it, don’t have a good quality camera lol.. Will try to put one up if you need to see..

  14. @Chris – Hey Chris, awesome case and thanks for the pic! I know the feeling, I would hate to drop it. Very nice and congrats on the phone!

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