Dubai Comic Con – MEFCC

I have been thinking about Comic Con in San Diego for the past decade I’m honestly not happy that I didn’t go while I was in the US. Then MEFCC came to mind when I was traveling in Dubai for a quick business trip, and it was a few months ahead, so I went booked it kept waiting for it to come around and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was excited.

I got the VIP Tickets which basically means you get to go early before the crowd and skip a few lines or go to the shorter lines. What was great is that you get to meet a lot of Artists and Publishers, then there were so many comics and manga available but it was a bit of a mess trying to figure it out. I liked seeing all the different kinds of models available there and it was hard resisting the urge to buy anything, I picked up one Street Fighter Comic Book from there which I was looking forward to reading. Kinokuniya & Jashanmal had a strong presence at the Comic Con with a lot of books and comics.

What I liked was meeting a few artists from Top Cow which is a publisher out of California, picked up a few pieces from them. Then the top floor which was very cool highlighting local talent, and there was a lot of local talent. Then there was the a few model makes who can make pretty much anything for you which is very very cool. There were quite a few actors who were there from different movies and tv shows which is very cool and you could get access to them, I didn’t have time since I was on a schedule. Overall the whole thing was very organized, a bit on the small side but a lot of fun, my hat goes off to them for doing something like this.

Be warned there are a lot of pics! Enjoy

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  1. 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb. I can’t wait the one here in Australia …. by the end of June…

  2. @iMaGiNaTiOn – That will probably be even better! This was a bit small in comparison to some of the big ones out there but Australia’s will be huge!

  3. Bo Bader

    u lucky duck….

    next time your taking me with u damnit!

  4. I really wanted to check it out!!!! Loved the commercial for it!

  5. @G-Funk – 7ada!

    @Bo Bader – Next time inshalla!

    @elwehbi – It was awesome! Didn’t see the commercial for it!

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t get a chance to meet with Jason Mamoa hehe your alter ego :P Next year you have to tell me beforehand I would love to attend one, actually I wanna attend those in California simply because I want to see my Ian Somerhalder :P The Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory cast :P

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