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After going to the gym for the past few weeks I feel that I’m getting into better shape but I didn’t take any real measurements except for my weight. I dropped from 106.7 KG to 103.1 since the last week of March which isn’t too bad progress since I haven’t changed my eating habits too much. Then the other day the trainer at Inspire wanted to take detailed measurements meaning all kinds of ridiculous percentages.

The one number that shocked me is that I am 37.8% fat or 38%, meaning I am more then 1/3 blubber. That is just ridiculous, I was honestly flabbergasted, shocked, I didn’t think of my self as fat, more like big boned! lol! Still I was a bit shocked, I knew that I was working out and trying to be healthier, gain strength, but never thought of myself as that fat. I’m probably going to step it up at the gym and try to reduce the amount of food I eat, the key word being here is try.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Dave

    Keep up the battle you will get out of it what you put into it. I like most people have had done it and had mixed results. One case being I had to lose weight by the doctors order, so I worked out and ate healthy for like 3 months, and lost like 22 pounds. After I was good with the doc, I stopped and put most of it back on :( . Months later I got sick and had some things wrong in my life and lost my appetite for about 1 month. In that month I didn’t eat hardly anything and lost 18 pounds. So it just shows you that the importance of your diet and how much you eat and what you eat will affect your overall weight. Like I said before, good luck and stay strong.

  2. Essa k Alessa

    70% of body transformation is food since we are foodies we have a long way to go but first 45 min upon waking up dose wonders in the morning jog or cycle if u can

  3. @Dave – Sorry for what you went through, must have been hectic! Trying to manage the diet well and trying to workout as much as possible! That is the simple plan!

    @Essa k Alessa – There is no way I would do that the first thing the morning! loool! But I’m trying to work out as much as possible!

  4. Akbar

    Marzouq, excercise helps but the real battle is won in the Kitchen, that is what the experts say.

    Hope to see your 8pack and 12% post by Eid Al Adha =)

    Way to go bro.

  5. @Akbar – Looool! Very much doubt it! I’m not working hard enough to get there! lol

    @X – Don’t think I’m going down that road!

  6. You can do it, I’ll get Lujain to cheer you onwards! :P Hehehe hell I’ll make CW bring back Hell cats so they do you a cheer :P

  7. @Jacqui – Hahaha! That show was great! Purely shalaih show, no need to watch other episodes! lol

  8. anonymous

    In one gym I was told I had 35% body fat. This is VERY high considering I look somewhat fit and normal. Not even slightly on the chubby side. They used a hand held machine. Right before my membership ends I took another measurement. I was at 34%.

    I joined another gym around 2 weeks after that. They attached calipers to my body (arms, legs, stomach, etc) that was hooked up to a computer. They told me I had 26% body fat.

    In both gyms my weight was the same.
    I realized numbers don’t mean much. As long as you’re comfortable it’s all good. Life’s too short to not indulge and live in the gym :)

  9. I know I miss it sometimes hehe but at least it leaves room in our schedules now that it’s been cancelled :P

  10. @anonymous – Very true! These numbers don’t mean too much and your right the weight measurement thing is a bit off, it needs the exact measurement!

    @Jacqui – Your schedule is filled with shows! Its ridiculous! U r more ridiculous then me! lol

  11. Blitz Stormer

    Get on a diet care program, do cardio 3 times a week for 2 month, this will help the diavel lift off, for next season…

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