Cloud Storage of Every Kind

Right now you have a lot of choices for Cloud storage, the first player to the game being DropBox and they have integrated seemlessly into so many services and a lot of people use it naturally. Right now there are several cloud storage services out there: Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Box, & DropBox.

I for one shifted my iTunes and current Apple services to the iCloud, it just helped me access my iTunes from my other machines mainly and get my music on the cloud. SkyDrive interfaces with Microsoft very well but thats about it for me, doesn’t really fit my needs since I barely use Microsoft Office. Google Drive is very Google Docs oriented, a bit on the stiff side for me, stills its new and I haven’t had a chance to try it out completely. I haven’t really tried Box which is another independent service. DropBox has all my needs covered for now with an excellent updated online interface, works perfectly with Android & iOS, and does exactly what I need between my machines. Below is a comparison chart between the different services, the comparison done by Gizmodo, and the only major difference is that DropBox is a bit too expensive and I think they should bring down their prices but it is their core service in this case. You can also check out a more detailed analysis at the link below from Gizmodo, for now I’m sticking to DropBox.

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. I feel like dropbox is one of the best, its just so simple to use and I’ve rarely had an issues with it. What I really want to try is icloud though, still have to wrap my head around it

  2. @YM965 – I agree with you 100% Honestly iCloud is built for the Apple platform, its not for everyone! It just backs up every Apple device on to it so you don’t lose your stuff and it migrates your iTunes to it!

  3. I like Dropbox and iCloud mostly not sure how Google Drive will incorporate itself into my life. And I got back when they ran an offer last year where you subscribe in October you get 50gB free :D for life!

  4. @Jacqui – Yeah I didn’t subscribe then, I should have for the 50gb! Like u said, its about how it fits into my working temperament! lol

  5. Very informative info. thanks. i have been using good docs (drive) for all my gmail stuff and it works well. JC works at Box and says it’s the way to go when it comes to cloud storage. i like that we have options.

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