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Anime List 04/12

Watching an episode at anytime I have and right now there are so many good anime shows that I haven’t seen and a few of the new shows that I am adding to the list. All different kinds of Anime in this list, there are a few that I am missing and adding any more to the list I will be lost with which episode I am watching, happened to me a few times before. Right now Bleach & Naruto are on hold for a bit, but I’m gonna catch up with them at a later date, binging on Bleach & Naruto sounds good for a later date.


  • Inu X Boku Secret Service – A Surprising Anime Indeed
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Age – Enjoying It
  • Ozma – Very Cool First Few Episodes
  • Sengoku Collection – An interesting Twist on Sengoku Basara
  • Stiens Gate – Trippy To Watch
  • Zetman – Loving It! Bad Ass!

Going To Watch:

  • Fate Zero
  • Darker Then Black
  • Gai Rei Zero
  • Guilty Crown
  • Giant Killing


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    Nice list, do you have like a dedicated site for downloading them ? or just search general torrent sites

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    essa k alessa Says:
    April 30th 2012 at 9:07 PM

    wana watch Zetman whats ur streaming link mate

  3. avatar
    essa k alessa Says:
    April 30th 2012 at 9:44 PM

    daam om hooked loved it

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    @Mohammad – I’m using several private torrents to get all my anime! Sometimes its hard finding one so I go to another!

    @essa k alessa – Right now I’m downloading them as torrents, but for my streaming options I’m using CruncyRoll, it has most but not everything! Still they are very good!


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