Out To Sea

The weather change has ended the biking season for some of us, a few more people are still riding but its gotten a bit too hot for my tastes. You can still ride at night but I prefer to ride during day time. And now that switch over to sea activities has begun, at the top of the some of the guy’s list is sailing but for me its wakeboarding.

This past weekend going out on the wakeboard I didn’t think that I would be able to get up so quickly but luckily the past month in the gym has showed some decent results. I was up on the board right away swinging from one side to the other and pushing my luck as much as possible. I had a few interesting moments and some even more interesting crash landings as I was trying to jump from wake to wake. After 12 pm the weather changed and the wind picked up so the water got a little bit too choppy to pull the wakeboard on, but I was happy I got in some time in the morning, seriously can’t get enough of it.

The sun was hot but the water was really cool which was perfect but it also invited other creatures, specifically jelly fish. I got stung by one as I was swimming out in the deep water, I felt a tingle before I felt the sting, I slapped it away, I’m always afraid they will stick to you and won’t let go. I didn’t have a mark or anything bad, just a red mark on the area that it hit. Still I loved the water and wakeboarding was fun, but Bnaider turns into a water highway later in the day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. essa k alessa

    u know word is u have to pee on it for it to be removed and on infected area lol check out on you tube u wont believe what ur gona see ..

  2. @essa k alessa – I would rather live with the sting! loooool! And thats just a ridiculous solution! hahaha

  3. @essa k alessa – THATS F’KED UP!!! DAMN! That guys looks like his face got eaten!

  4. Dave

    I bought all new scuba gear for me and my kids and took them to the beach in Fahaheel for fun. Got in the water and started itching, got out of the water, started looking and saw hundreds of small clear jelly fish all up and down the water front. Ruined the whole day for me and my kids!!

  5. @Dave – That really sucks! I can imagine how it got! Whats good about Kuwait is that the JellyFish aren’t that pad, they just sting and scratch a little not as bad as some of the ones out there!

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