Animation Station Collectibles

I’m always interested about new Anime & Comic stores opening up in Kuwait, this one concentrates on a lot of old school shows like Grendizer, Getter Robo, Sanshiro, and a lot of other cool stuff. Its like an open Kiosk/Shop on the first floor in Discovery Mall, just behind you on the right as you go up the escalator.

Whats very cool is you can tell these guys are passionate about it, there was a lot of cool Grendizer stuff, and I had to pick up something while I was there, also I have to keep in mind that I don’t have much space to put stuff on any more, still they had a Ken Resin Statue which I haven’t seen in a while. They also had the Fewture Sanshiro – Jamaro model that I have which you don’t see often and I’m assuming it will fly off their shelves soon enough. If you have a chance its very much worth it to pass by the store, the pictures don’t do it justice, lots of fun stuff.

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  1. Are the items for sale or just for display? How much are they selling sanchiro for?

  2. @G-Funk – Yes you should!

    @Mark – Everything is for sale! They have a few sold out items, not sure about Senshiro but I know it is for sale I asked! Too many things I want but I will get back to them later!

  3. Dave

    Thanks for the info, I didnt even think they would have a place like this in Kuwait. My kids love anime and will be so excited when I tell them about this place. Im sure they will want me to buy the whole store when we go their. :))

  4. @Dave – Haha! Anytime & I know what you mean! I would buy everything if I had the space for them!

  5. Mohammad

    Marzouq you awesome as Kakashi ;)

  6. @Mohammad – Thanks! I think he is pretty much the coolest of the lot!

  7. Was wondering if they sell DVD’s/Blu-Rays of the show’s ?

  8. Must give it a visit with my cousins! They’d go crazy!

  9. spotted this shop today, amazing.. i’ll write about it in the coming days, read my story marzouk you will like it :)

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  11. @G-Funk – Don’t think they do!

    @Jacqui – They would go nuts for sure!

    @965malls – Loved it! Its cool your Aunt was involved in the Golden Age of dubbing!

  12. thx – they actually initiated it and it’s so sad nothing is digitized, or youtubed – would love to undertake that project one day!

  13. @965malls – There so much we have that isn’t digitized! It should be done though!

  14. Gary Moore

    Hi Abdullah really nice job, impressive images. All the best for success and enjoy!

    Gary Moore

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