Grendizer & Mazinger Z

It should be noted that I can’t leave an Anime store, especially one that brings back memories like The Animation Station, so I ended up buying the heads of Grendizer & Mazinger Z. Both would look very good on my desk and honestly these are very well made version, and to my surprise they turned out to be Coin Banks. I don’t think I will be using them for coins any time soon since I really like the way they look and they fit very nicely on my shelf. They are made from nice soft/hardened vinyl so they feel good when you hold them, high quality items and it just reminds me of the cartoons when looking at them.

While I was unboxing these I started playing the Grenzider opening, the original Japanese one, you can watch it here (YouTube). Honestly Duke Fleed was very cool, so when I saw these two I just had to have them. There were a few more things that I wanted to pick up but thats for a later visit, for now these satisfied me very much and it feels good seeing them on my desk.

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  1. I see the iMac looking good on that Desk ;-) Trying to hide your secret Apple Fetish :-p

  2. انا عجبني قلاص الشاي. منووين ؟

  3. @G-Funk – I like how you call it a fetish! hahaha! I use it every once in a while!

    @Mbahrani – You can pick it up from Dar Noor in Shuweikh, they are available there! Fantastic cup!

  4. Yousef

    Hi there, for how much did u get those mazinger n grendizer heads?

  5. @Yousef – I honestly don’t remember, I ripped them out of the boxes to place them on my desk! :P Sorry!

  6. I love how G-Funk caught the iMac hehe and it turns out you are a closet Apple freak ha Zouk! Ana a3almek! :P

    Your toys are interesting :P

  7. Zaid

    I’m glad you liked my uncle’s store.

  8. @Jacqui – My toys are awesome and you have no idea! looool

    @Zaid – It is an awesome store!!! I just want it to be bigger! Lol

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