Spotify On The Go

I have always had issues with iTunes even though I still think that it is vital to my music choices when I’m listening to music on the go, and for last few months iTunes has been acting up a lot. Since making more and more playlists on Spotify I have slowly shifted my listening over to Spotify, I still use iTunes but even in the car I just stream my Spotify over the car’s Bluetooth Connection. I can stream Spotify through any type of Data connection and I don’t have to use a VPN, you only have use VPN when you sign up. Surprisingly the quality of the stream is really good, and it rarely cuts which is fantastic. Of course you have to have Premium Spotify to stream to your phone, and it works for both Android & iOS.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Shame on you for not using your One X and the amazing “HTC CAR” feature marzoug :P

  2. After a long battle, Marzouq 1 iTunes 0 :)
    I use up most of my 3G bandwidth listening to radio stations in London in my car.

  3. Zouq! Slightly off topic but I see that Nexus there.. are you doing a a review of the One X? throw in some comparisons with the nexus if you can?

    trying to make my mind up. SG3/OneX/Nexus

  4. @Saud – Yes Sir! U r correct! Amazing Car!

    @BuYousef – Very true! So many stations to listen to on your phone these days!

    @arabianfox – Your right, thats my Nexus and I will make a real life comparison of them both! Just taking some time to do it because I’m lazy! lol! By next week for sure!

  5. @khalid – Looool! I took that pic before the HTC One X, I was just working on the post for a little while! hehehe

  6. If you wanna race let me know.. Scirocco R here.
    Owned a 2.0 TSI APR Stage 2 earlier this year.

    Love it!

  7. @Saud – Hahaha! U have taste my friend! That is one amazing car! Seriously its fantastic!

  8. Surprisingly you are the only I know who has issues with iTunes!!! .. probably because you are on windows side of the world! that figures! :-p

  9. Pedram

    what about pandora
    its free
    i know u cant choose the song that you want to listen but thats how pandora works

    and you only need a vpn when you sign in to the app after that just close you vpn connection

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