Just A Bit Closer

The past week I have been trying to go the gym a little more but with a lot of work, social & family events I barely made it to the two I usually stick to. I have some what managed to increase my strength a bit at the gym through all the work outs for the past 6 weeks but this past week I totally pigged out, my meals were totally messed up.

I try to keep things light at night but last week I ate way too much so this week I’m trying to keep it simple. There is one thing that I am very proud that I have achieved at last, one thing that I never thought I could do since I was a kid.

After all this time I managed to touch my toes while keeping my legs straight. That is something which I didn’t think was possible, but when I did I was extremely happy. My stretching capabilities have improved so there are a few things that are getting better and I hope to keep improving, also the key in my case is to eat healthy. Sometimes I have ridiculous cravings like Ice Creams or Burgers, or in this case Elevation Burger. I hope to keep this up because I am liking the progress and there are results, I just feel healthier and better.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. akbar

    alf mabrook on these achievements! Sweet success comes atlast. Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best.

  2. Congrats even when I was a kid and extremely skinny I could never touch my toes with my legs being straight seriously :/ The curse of long legs and shorter arms LOL!

    And I guess I should stop posting those Elevation Burger pics on instagram now right? :P

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