Diablo III – Its Here

After this long wait the game that many have been waiting for is here, Diablo III has been released right at this moment. Today at 11 am Tuesday May 15th Kuwait time (12 am Tuesday PDT), the Blizzard Severs will let you play the game. I preordered the digital version of the game and already set it up for the European server. I’m either going to play the Barbarian or the Monk, so I’m going to be playing a lot this weekend and building the character in any way possible.

I’m going to be playing as soon as I get home! I hope nothing pops up and gets in the way of my gaming. This weekend is going to be interesting.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fahad

    finally after all the delays, should be fun

  2. @Fahad – Going to be very fun! I’m trying to sign into the European Server but I’m having issues!

  3. Topagi

    Hey, add me IchiTheSexy#2903, I play barb 17 atm.

  4. Mazen

    its just amazing, hopefully they solve their server issues, but for me, it was fine

  5. An alien world for me… My younger brother will probably be salivating. Enjoy :) and take some breaks!

  6. Fahad

    yeah the servers are full, but they opened up yesterday

  7. @Topagi – Lol! I think u are way higher then that! sent invite by the way!

    @Mazen – Its awesome!

    @BuYousef – Loool! Thanks!

    @Fahad – Yeah been on it since!

    @chuknum – That is an awesome game too!

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