Bugatti Veyron vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Lexus LFA vs McLaren MP4-12C

This is just a ridiculous race that just has to be seen, I for one am not a fan of Bugatti Veyron. As for the other machine, I’m much more of a fan of the other cars. There were a few surprises for me during this drag race, but it isn’t always about the straight line, some of these machines perform very differently on the track.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @vampire – The same reaction I had! lol

  2. if i have all the money in the world,, i will only buy Lamborghini!!!

  3. @vampire – I would have to agree with you on that!

  4. il pazzo

    AVENTADOR!!! u broke my wittle heart :(

  5. Too much power for one video.

    Will show it to my son in the morning. He’s in love with R8, more recently Ferraris (friend at school from Ziyani family lol) and I think this is the video that will confuse him a little more :)

  6. @il pazzo – Loool!

    @Bu Yousef – Loool! I do love when they get all worked up about all these cars!

    @Kal – I know! It’s such a beast!

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