GCB – Sadly Cancelled

One of the shows that I have recently gotten to like has just been cancelled by ABC. They had an eccentric line up of characters with a very good storyline and a funny Texas twist on the show that I really think everyone could enjoy. I know that there is no way it could get renewed in another channel, but I still think its really worth watching, they really did a fantastic job. Every episode is funnier then the other, especially the more you get to know the characters the crazier the stories seem to get. It’s still funny that they changed the name from Great Christian Bitches to Great Christian Belles, they should have kept it. Watch it even if its cancelled, its an entertaining 10 episodes.

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  1. It was “Good Christian Bitches” then transformed to “Good Christian Belles” and finally into “GCB”. The reason for the cancellation was the negativeness the title gave to the Christians as the different organizations asked for viewers to boycott it. It was a great show and I believe it can find it’s way on a different network who knows.

    Cougar Town just left ABC and went to TBS!

  2. @Jacqui – I know thats crazy! How did they just move to TBS! Its annoying that so many people were against GCB it was a fantastic show!

  3. Well TBS loved “Cougar Town” and I guess sniffed the air and felt that it was going to be cancelled hence they bought the rights to it and were able to save it!

    GCB is great I do hope it makes it to the Premium networks.

  4. i just started watching the show after this post.. and its good

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