New Wrangler Getting Dusty

One of the cars that I always thought had character was the Jeep Wrangler, nothing is really similar to it and each of is very different then the other one. It is one of the most interesting cars because it really reminds me of Lego, you can really take that car completely apart, drive it without doors, easy just take them off, top down, sure in 5 mins minutes the whole roof is off. You can literally upgrade every piece of that car and turn it into what ever you want, you know when you drive it with the roof off its a lot of fun.

There are a few drawbacks to the car, its very raw and basic, its 2012 and only recently did they add heated seats to it, wind is an issue when driving because of its box like structure, and until 2012 the gear box was pretty crappy. This is the new Wrangler JK Four Door with a 5 Speed automatic gear box, and I love that the whole thing is white. A small lift kit to fit those lovely Nitto Grapplers, they do make the car look that much hotter. The sound insulation has improved drastically on it as well, overall it is a much better machine then its predecessors. I was following it around with my Landcruiser and I was able to keep up pretty well in the sand dunes. Pree, the owner of the car, has a few more upgrades in mind but plans to keep it simple and clean. You can even see the people riding in the car with a huge smile on their faces. This car isn’t for everyone but I for one love it. Mabrook Bu-Hamed.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. essa k alessa

    lol naar il khubaizi look…nice review not truck trend but will do

  2. if the middle guy is one of your friends,, plz delete my number!!!


  4. @essa k alessa – 7ada Nar! Wasn’t going for Truck Trend! lol! Didn’t know you were expecting that, I will make sure I write it up better the next time around! lol

    @vampire – Loooool!

    @Mark – Even better in real life! lol

    @NYM – Excellent photography! U knew I was going to do it!

  5. Heated seats… in Kuwait? C’mon man, natural heat can do that for you.

  6. @Kuwait – lol! True but it something the car never had before!

  7. X

    I love the Wrangler and I’m planing to buy one
    but after owning a Ford Raptor no truck or SUV seems to satisfy me . and 2 things really bother me about the Wrangler :
    1- Tanseem , even the new one still got it
    2- The price compared to many other trucks or SUV is a bit high , there is so many different choices with that price tag,
    what do u think Z?

  8. @X – I agree with you the Raptor is totally something else!!! You can’t even compare! And yes tanseem is an issue for sure but like I said much better then before! And the price tag is decent and we looked, you don’t have much options for a decent jeep! This is for 10500 KWD, every other SUV is much more expensive that that!

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