Your Time Is Not Your Own

Recently I have been obsessed with Diablo 3, I feel like the kid back in 1997 who just would get of his machine, nonstop leveling and building characters. I want to enjoy this game that I planned ahead and took this past Thursday off over a month ago. The plan was simple, from Wednesday onwards don’t do anything but play this game, not eat or sleep, pretty much nothing, just nonstop clicking.

I even planned to leave work early so I can even enjoy a half day plus the weekend of gaming. But sometimes all my planning goes out the window. I always think about just taking a week off work and spend it finishing all my errands that I have to do but I wonder how much I would get done.

I ended getting called to the bank for work and heading into work twice on Thursday which very much interrupted my gaming time. Saturday I had to go into work from about 7 in the morning until 12 and then I was family and other mandatory social events so my whole Saturday was gone. So even the thought of taking a vacation while in Kuwait you end up doing things that never popped into your mind and people think your free so they end up calling and you end up with more things to do. I only managed to zone out for a solid 5 hours of nonstop gaming on one day and thoroughly ignored my phone, I loved it.

Next time I’m just gonna tell people that I am out of town and record a strange ring tone to my voicemail, makes people think that I am out of town.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. essa k alessa

    i have seen this pic before its from a last year of before sa7 not recent

  2. @essa k alessa – U have a good eye! This pic is from 2008! So you are a few years off! hahaha! One of the ones I like!

  3. X

    Blizz games are so addictive and time consuming and times just flies when ur playing and they never get old.

  4. essa k alessa

    3ashan it3arif min ziman oo ana imtab3ik lol be aware lol

  5. @X – Exactly! I couldn’t have said it any better!

    @essa k alessa – looool! U got a keen eye!

  6. LOL I hibernate if I take a vacation when I’m in Kuwait LOL! don’t answer calls and just chillax with TV Shows and food! :P

  7. silent ur phone,, and keep it in another room

  8. I’m the master of vanishing.. When it’s my time nobody can reach me! I mean seriously..! lol!

  9. @Jacqui – I do and can’t do that at the same time!

    @vampire – I would go nuts! lool! Wondering who called and if something is wrong!

    @Kal – U r a ninja sir! From Konoha! Well trained at the vanishing Arts!

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