Revolution – JJ Abrams New TV Show

J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke’s series takes place 15 years after Earth’s electricity goes out and never comes back on.

Now this looks like an interesting movie, I always enjoy these types of Post-Apocalyptic ideas and how we may survive. Lets hope Abrams comes through with this show, I always like the projects he works on but it doesn’t always appeal to everyone. But I have my fingers crossed for this dystopian future series,

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  1. jeslee

    hope they dont cancel the series a year later like other jj abrams projects

    but it looks and sounds like a new and improved jericho tv series

  2. It’s got cancellation written over it, trust me by now I’ve come to know what will make it and what won’t.. and this will probably be cancelled after a season order just like Terra Nova.

  3. This show looks like it has a lot of potential, I really hope it turns out to be good.

  4. @jeslee – Exactly! It reminded me of Jericho, but Jericho had a fantastic storyline!

    @Jacqui – Damn u!! U and ur predictions! hehehe

    @N3VER2LATE – Me too! I’m crossing my fingers for it!

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