WIMD Support Services – How Support Should Be

During the orange storm that took place on Tuesday something happen to my internet connection, the weather condition doesn’t have an effect on the Wifi connection, the only issue is that if the equipment wasn’t bolted down correctly then the wind can move it slightly. I came back home to find that my internet connection was 1 to 2 MB. Luckily I had a good supply of shows to watch but surfing the net was painful. When you get used to highspeed anything else is just very very painful, so from 20 MB to 1.5 MB drove me nuts. I called up their support department, notified them of the issue, they went through the usual checks and said there was something unusual going on and an engineer would be dispatched by tomorrow afternoon which I thought was perfectly fine.

Next Wednesday afternoon I get a call from the engineer he said he will check the physical connection and get back to me. After three hours I get a call from the guy that he tweaked it and worked on it until he got it back to 12-14 MB which is the max he could get it working stably. He said he needs to come back with another engineer and test the receiving tower as well, he said he promised to get it back to 20 MB. I liked how he was very nice, called me when had a full update and didn’t just leave, he gave me a really good fix and verified that there was a major problem but he hasn’t figured what the main problem was but found a quick fix until the next day.

Then Thursday morning he was back and working at it with another engineer and he brought a spare transmission unit just in case mine was faulty. With the other transmission engineer and their support center they kept testing until they found the best work around solution. It seems something was interfering with the signal and I got really affected by it. They used the current equipment and didn’t need to replace it, but the great part is they had it with them. I tested the speed as soon as I got home got some very good numbers, even got about 2.4 Mbps for my download speed from the server which was insane. Excellent service, quick and consistent and this isn’t the first time I have an issue and they really get to it in a timely manner. This is the type of service that companies should follow.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i am enjoying the 15mb ..love the service :) will continue with them for sure

  2. xmido

    What is their pricing plans available?

  3. Marzoug,

    In our diwaniya it has been ridiculously slow in the past few months. Whenever we call ma7ad iyrid…Despite all this I’m seeing everywhere that everyone is back to operational speed.

    Do you have any extension or any specific person/number to call ?

    Thanks bro

  4. @Khalid – Hala Khalid, depending on your location they sometimes had interference issues but I’m not sure where exactly! The number I call is 66993235 and it usually goes through when it rings, sometimes the line is busy and I try again later then it works and I get through to someone! Hope that helps!

  5. @Marzoug

    Thanks bro, I keep trying that, hitting 0 for assistance and still nothing :S I think they know you guys are kick ass bloggers and have your information stored! :P

  6. gamer

    Is this company good for gaming or not?

  7. @gamer – Low Ping and High Speed! I would say yes!

  8. @marzoug

    Got through to them, they are taking care of our issue now.

    Thanks :)

  9. @Khalid – Any time buddy! I think its just difficult for them with their lines! They are getting a new set of lines soon, I mentioned that to them! Fa inshalla they solved the issue!

  10. It appears that in my area there is still no service or coverage hence I am not able to even try it out.

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