Shawarma Shuweikh

At last it has opened, Shawarma Shuweikh after such a ridiculously long wait. It was supposed to open a while back but due to politics it took sometime to get all the necessary approvals and it was really worth the wait. We got invited to the soft opening, and a lot of people showed up, even people who lived in Shuweikh were passing by to pick up the sandwiches assuming it was open and selling. The past week was a test run for people and for the staff, and a lot of effort and work went into making the place retro with high quality food. Its located in the second parking lot of the Shuweikh Coop just behind Al Qatami Mosque, you can’t miss it, and if you do then you had better find it.

Just to let people know it is only about 2 meter wide by 3 meters long, just big enough for people to order and leave, there isn’t any seating area. You go in, make your choice and then wait for your order to be called out. Be a bit patient with them since it takes some time to get the Shawarma, and these sandwiches are very rich in taste and worth the wait. The best part is that you have a choice of samoon, lebanese bread, and saj, my preference is to have saj because it doesn’t just fill you with bread and you get to really taste the sandwich. I tried almost all their sandwiches, took a bite from each one and they were all really good. And the best part of the retro look is that it is a very high quality setup.

My Favorite Shawarama By Far:

  • Shawarma 1961

These two cars have been parked here for the longest time, I honestly don’t know why they are left here. They still have the covers on the seats from the day they left the dealership, it seems somebody doesn’t want them.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Can’t wait for the grand opening! when is it?

    Who are those two guys you have photos of?

  2. i will have all and judge!!!
    i’d take the black plz

  3. Lazilae

    I just wish it wasn’t opened in shuweikh area ! A quiet peaceful clean prestigious area will be full of 12″ left kit monster pickups Gezeeza hanging out at the parking lot or chasing the G55 girls !

    Look what happend to Nuzha area when they opened Star bucks cafe .

  4. Yummy I need some man :)
    Cool Post :)
    Must visit it and get into the haba :)

  5. Bel3afiaa :) I still want to try every single shawerma on the menu!!

    Saleh’s face… Priceless! 7aram 3alaik

  6. Oh! bring back, bring back -oh baby, bring back my Shawerma to me

    It’s such a shame the corner shawerma shop on the Kuwaiti high street is beating a fast retreat! Can mall culture and Western invasion of contemporary thought processes so completely fade out a food habit?!
    So much for franchising of a nation’s entire culinary circuit. Understandably, the exodus of Palestinian families from Kuwait, with large families to feed has led to the decline of shawerma as a popular street food option in Kuwait. I miss Dajjaj Shawerma by Barakat and Mais Alghanim, loads.

  7. @G-Funk – Those were just two hungry guys! LOL! Its open now!

    @Jacqui – Thanks!

    @vampire – Looooool!

    @Lazilae – I don’t think it will be that bad! There isn’t any place to sit! Its just pick up and go!

    @Q8Path – Lol! Thanks!

    @Ansam – LOOOL! Isn’t it! I just had to take that pic! And I did have every shawarma! It was awesome!

    @N3VER2LATE – Worth it!

    @Oh! bring back, bring back -oh baby, bring back my Shawerma to me – There are a lot of good new shawarma places around town, and this is at the top of the list!

  8. Infidel

    @Oh! bring back, bring back -oh baby, bring back my Shawerma to me….

    You’re a moron, dude. You’re welcome to eat food that’s not from the ‘western invastion’, plenty of shawarman places for your dumbass to eat. You’re also welcome to fight the western invasion by pissing off the western internet and leaving your idiocy to yourself.

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