Making Progress

After the last two months I have made some decent progress and I’m happy where I have gotten with the gym, I’m even surprised I haven’t gain weight with some of the times I messed up the food plan. I’m currently not on a diet or anything specific, I just try to cut back portions but I still enjoy the food I eat. I have tried to be consistent with the gym and it has been the case most of the time except when I travel, even though I have tried.

Overall I have dropped about 6 KG of fat and gained 2 KG muscle, and I’m happy about the strength conditioning that I have gone through and it does make a major difference. Overall I feel healthier and better every time I leave the gym, and whenever I’m doing something a bit more physical I feel like i’m able to do it longer and I’m happy about that. The best part about the whole thing is that I haven’t really made major changes with what I eat, I try to be sensible about the quantities but I still have my burgers, muchboos, and ice cream every once in a while. And Thursday is always the day that I do major damage but I am happy with the progress. I think when I get the stage of major diet control I will end up losing a lot more weight. But right now I’m happy where I am and I love the gym that I am going to.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. set your goal to 5000!!

  2. Aww I just decreased my goal to 1500 LOL simply because I am too exhausted this week to go higher but I will increase it soon :/

  3. @id – My Goal is 3000! I hit 5000 once every three to four weeks! Thats just nuts!

    @Jacqui -Thats way too lazy! hahaha

  4. Nice going man! Wish you all the best. For me the biggest threat to my weight loss is my wife’s and mom’s cooking, I can’t say no! lol!

  5. Wasim Irshad

    Hi. Just wanted to know what are you wearing on your wrist? Is this a calorie counter band? Can this be bought in kuwait & where?

  6. @Mathai – That food is difficult to resist!

    @Wasim Irshad – They sell it in Kuwait, online to be exact at this point!

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