BBM – The Barren Wasteland

Last year and the year before RIM was struggling, now they are just a sinking ship, when a few years before that it was everywhere like wildfire, everyone had a Blackberry. I still kept mine because of our Dewaneya being on it, and honestly it is still the best group communication App out there, I think they should have sold it off as an App in the App Store and Android Market, it would have helped sustain Blackberry on the software side.

They held on for so long and still RIM didn’t turn around at all, and a lot of people got fed up with it, they even switched to Android because some people didn’t want Apple. The whole of 2011 didn’t change anything for RIM, and Android & Apple just kept coming up with more updates and better handsets. People started shifting, it feels odd when people start leaving your contact list, at first its normal but then it just got ridiculous, floods of people disappeared. It was honestly sad some of these people were gone, it was nice to to star in touch with them. To be honest up to this point there isn’t an application that is better then BBM and nothing beats a good Qwerty keyboard but they had their problems and they didn’t progress. We are still stuck with the 10 MB which is pretty much useless when roaming, it gets used up in two or three days at most. I don’t know why but it feels like I was abandoned when I see the status update “BBM OFF – WhatsAPP +965##$##$##”, as if the person just gave up and left.

Now the migration has begun, very few people are left on Blackberry, I’m still holding on to it and using it when I can. I’m not a fan of WhatsApp even though pretty much everyone shifted over to it. I tried ChatON and a few other Apps they weren’t that great either. I think I’m probably going to stick to it until this piece of hardware quits, then I don’t think I will be getting another Blackberry until I see some drastic changes in the coming future.

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  1. Your idea of turning BBM into an app is genius. Blackberry should totally do that. Whatsapp is ok for sharing links and pictures, but not that great in communicating or staying in touch with people.

    I’m still holding on to mine too. But I do love your app idea, and wish someone over at BB hears you and does it.

  2. @Buzfairy – yeah, WhatsApp has its constraints, I don’t know why don’t just make the BBM App available across the board, it would be so much better!

  3. anon

    I agree bbm is the best chat medium out there,
    and I was so hesitant to use whatsapp.
    But once you’re used to it it’s not so bad

  4. Nasser

    The reason RIM is going downhill rapidly, is because they were so stuck up. They thought they were the best, and that they’d continue selling phones and make a lot of profit. But that is not the case. Remember this, they will file for bankruptcy very soon, just like Kodak. Kodak was also stuck up.

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  6. HAHA I feel your pain Zouk, coz I’ve been a NOKIA user for as long as I remember and still use one (proudly). I know… “Nokia?!” one would ask lol, but I refuse to use a BB or iP coz I don’t feel the need.

    But I’m quite updated and I use whatsapp on it too.

  7. RIM became too comfortable in an extremely competitive industry. They carved out a niche in the world markets with their phones at the forefront of business applications. They shrugged off the iPhone surge and were dumb and naive. Now, they’re paying the price. BAD.

    I still am a BlackBerry user; however, after this one gives up on me there will no longer be any justification to not switch to an Android or iPhone.

  8. I really feel bad for them, they really had the potential to go far

  9. @anon – It’s not that bad, but BBM is still the best chat medium by far!

    @Nasser – Your pretty right, they are heading down the same road as Kodak! Too stubborn for their own good and not flexible enough!

    @906 The City – I will be sure to check it out!

    @Kuwait – Nokia’s really made the best phone, they just need to work on their software side! Remember the Communicator? Everyone had one back in the day!

    @elwehbi – Same here, I’m just waiting for it to die then I’m switching completely over to the Android!

    @N3VER2LATE – Very true, they had everything in front of them but they got too stubborn and didn’t see the short end in front of them! It’s sad!

  10. valencia

    try kik messenger. it is very similar to the bbm. it uses nicknames as a way to add ppl

  11. BBM is the only thing I miss about BB, love the messenger but hate the devices, I hate WhatsApp too but everybody is in there.. BBM app is the best way to revive RIM

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