I like to cook but sometimes it takes a bit too long if I’m doing it myself, thats why I love to grill, you get to see what your cooking as it happens, plus I love meats. One of the problems we have BBQing in Kuwait is that in the summer it becomes a little too hot to cook outdoors so I don’t BBQ as much. With the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ I can easily BBQ indoors on a gas stove. Its an ingenious product currently being developed you have to pledge for it to be made over at ideacious.com (Same Idea as Kickstarter). I think there is a minimum order of 500 units to go into production, I’m not sure how close they are to getting there but I hope they get there but I really like the idea.

Link: Ideacious

This unique cooking system uses a gas or electric stove element to heat a bed of lava rocks, creating the flavor of a traditional grill without the smoke or charcoal dust. Other features include a specific section for catching grease — making for easy cleanup — an adjustable grill height, and a removable handle.

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  1. Ahmad

    If I’m not mistaken there’re small electrical grills on the market now with this feature (heating rocks to simulate grilling).

    I know that a friend of mine enjoys grilling salmon on his so you don’t have to wait for this product.

  2. @Ahmad – I have seen some of those before, but what I like about this is you can use the gas stove to heat it then the lava rocks give that BBQ taste!

  3. Nice idea. They should have used a better looking steak for their pic.

  4. @BuYousef – Agreed! They should have used a RibEye! lol

  5. What a great idea especially for those who live in apartments with no balconies and wish to bbq

  6. @B’s Sanctuary – Very true! I was thinking for BBQing in the heat! lol

    @elwehbi – Agreed!

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