Zain Social Media Day

Thanks to @ZainKuwait for setting up a very fun event, I haven’t been to much of any events because of timing and work, but because a lot of people I knew were going and people called up (Dude from 7ajiDude) I decided that I would pass by for a bit before having to take off. They really tied everyone together on this one, and they held it at a very nice venue, @ Al Hamra on the 55th floor, The Sky Lobby, so you get to meet friends and new people with a beautiful view. Every body from every type of social media was there from Bloggers, Tweeters, YouTubers, and Instagrammers, pretty much anyone and everyone that had to do with Social Media.

The amount of people I saw and wanted to catch up with was insane, I met up with the Android crew and we held up the back corner by Pick Yo while the events started. Literally I think everyone was there, I kept flying between people saying hello and catching up. There was a lot of Apple and Android banter going on but it was relatively friendly, lol. They were giving away prizes to people who were answering questions right and one of them ones who did was Jacqui, she original gadget queen.

The best part for me was catching up with a lot of people I have seen in a while all in one time, but it was a bit too short a time to catch up with everyone. The event setting was great, and I loved the seating, they really did a great job of setting the whole thing up. The catering was nothing short of fantastic, all by local businesses and very well done, there were literally many to list a few: Gelato Italiano, Rice Pudding Factory, Neqsa, Kiwi Bakery, Pick-Yo Frozen Yoghurt, The Pantry, Gathering, Al Foz Kitchen, Chocolateness, and Vinox Chocolatier. Those are just the few that I could remember and I was only there for an hour.

(Pictures Were Supplied By The Great Qortuba)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @Qortuba Valley – The Android Dinners R A Must!!! Lol

  2. So it was this close (..) to catch you :) nice coverage & hopefully will see you on next event ;)

  3. akbar

    sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad I missed it.

  4. Walla I still can’t believe you made it hehe :P And guess what the Android Tablet I won, Daddy took it and got himself an S3 instead LOL! Hehehe at least now when I order the Nexus 7 it’s justifiable and I will not get looks and the words “You already got an Android tablet” LOL! :P

  5. @BananaQ8 – Inshalla next time! Sorry, didn’t know a lot of the people there! I’ll try to make other events, but I will make sure to say hello!

    @akbar – It was for social media people and those Zain invited!

    @Jacqui – LOOOL! Dad had to get something, he wanted to get your other gear before but now at least he satisfied his urge! It is one of my odd moments that I showed up! LOL

  6. was there and thought i can come in but couldn’t!!!

    nice park btw lol

  7. @vampire – Looool! If you were wearing a dishdasha they would have let you right through, nobody said anything to me! lol

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