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Kuwait is probably one of the most active country on Social Media out of the whole Arab Region, we are always online posting the new thing or our experiences or whatever pops into our mind. I think Kuwait is one of the main countries that capitalizes on Social Media in terms of businesses. There are some business that sell only through Facebook, and they communicated through twitter as well, and now its Instagram. Its like watching the Migration pattern of a herd, really everyone is online. You know you can tell when Instagram for Android came along every body just migrated to Instagram, you iPhone people had it a while back but only when the Android version came along that everyone started using it so much.

First it was Facebook then Twitter came along, and now after Instagram is the big hit Twitter feels like an empty Wasteland. But since the 24 hour disappearing act that Instagram pulled it seems people were going through withdrawal, phones were being thrown at walls, they had to communicate like normal people again which scared them, some people were even back on Twitter for a bit, they felt cut off, no pictures to help them know what is going on, that burger that was so good, or what your friend is doing just that minute. But still I can’t blame people its a lot of fun, for a while Twitter felt like a huge hall with only a few people in it, you can hear the echo when you shout, people reply to you these days. I for one do enjoy Twitter and Instagram, still not on Facebook and don’t I will be getting on there, I dislike Zuckerberg too much, don’t know why but I just don’t trust him.

It’s really funny seeing people wait, these days you can see there fingers sliding upwards across their screen and I know 1000% that they are looking at Instagram and liking one picture after another. At the end of the day most of this social media is helping things in Kuwait and other areas as well, people finding things out quicker, information passed along more concisely but don’t lose touch of the normal world, pick up the phone and call, go see someone, it isn’t always about being online, disconnecting every once in a while is good.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I have a cousin who lives in Kuwait and she told me that twitter is the most used social network in kuwait. Everybody tweets! Now as you said instagram is on the way of dominating since it combines many things including liking pictures and commenting on them. As for facebook, my cousin told me that it’s rarely used.

  2. When Android got Instagram it screwed it up! Point blank! Spam accounts were created and lots of downtime was seen! So don’t act like it’s a godsend to us that Android has Instagram now and it made the app more popular :P

    Comprende? :P

  3. And what’s wrong with having Instagram on Android?, sorry Jacqui but the world doesn’t evolve around IOS.

  4. @Brett Weer – Thanks!

    @Ali Alhasani – Its insane how fast we switch from one to the other, now everyone is all over Instagram!

    @Jacqui – Loool! It had nothing to do with that! It was fine! You mean when Facebook got Instagram things started getting screwed up!

    @Ali Alhasani – I Agree! :P lol

  5. @Ali Alhasani – this is mainly a joke between Zouk and I hehe and yes I do realize the whole world doesn’t evolve around iOS.

    Zouk LOL! Eeee khair no it’s when Android got in on the good stuff, Facebook just added to the screwing :P

  6. lol at not trusting Zuckerberg… I base this on absolutely nothing, but I agree!

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