Automat – Damn Good Burgers

Whenever I am in London I always make a stop in Automat, its one of those places that I am familiar with and always enjoy. They have just been consistent over the years, they never really disappoint, a very simple menu, salads, burgers, and a few pastas and in my case the most important being the Mac & Cheese.

The Mac & Cheese is just a perfect combination and not too heavy, I love taking a bite off the top of the baked crust. With the burger there which is also pretty damn good, I didn’t know what to eat, and I always like to start off with their Chicken Ceaser Salad, it just tastes so good and refreshing. You have to book sometimes to eat there, the place gets packed.

Link: Automat

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  1. bl

    try burger and lobster, but make sure to go early .. their burgers are even better than automat and so is their lobster roll

  2. @dudette – It is!

    @bl – I will be sure to try it out early! My problem has been work I haven’t had the chance because of it!

  3. itsokaay

    u should try their breakfast or brunch on Sundays..

  4. @itsokaay – I will do that when I have a chance again!

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