The RoboCop remake is still more than a year away, but the OmniCorp website has been revealed, and with it the megacorporations line of enforcement vehicles, including the not-so-trusty ED-209.

One more year and the Robocop remake will be out, I remember how much I loved the movie back in the 90s, I just hope the remake does it justice, and I really like that they went for the Omnicorp viral information first, you can see the original evil robot, I don’t know what to expect from this movie but I am excited.

The RC-2000 When Human Resources Meet Robotic Engineering – I like that, could this be the new Robocop?

Link: Omnicorp

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  1. Marina Fernandes

    The original robocop with Paul Weller was fantastic. Can’t wait to see the new one with my fav. Joel Kinnaman ( from THE KILLING) in it.

  2. @Marina Fernandes – I haven’t followed up on any of the details of the movie! I want to be surprised!

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