The Avengers In Dungeons & Dragons Form

The Avengers really got the Dungeons & Dragons treatment, and they look pretty damn intimidating. The top three in this list is Captain America, Iron Man & Hawkeye. Looks like they pack punch with their magic instead of technology, and I really like the style of the drawing. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Medieval Form.

Link: iO9

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  1. @Jacqui – These would be very cool as huge posters!

  2. Tlumpz

    hjk balls on you dude… who ever drew these worked hard chill out…

  3. bakeca imperia


  4. Dumbeldoore

    it looks like league of legends :/

  5. TheCowLord

    Bad ass, I especially like the one of Hawkeye.

  6. Edward

    i would like write ups please :D

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